Friday, December 28, 2012

Running Errands

Sometimes when I'm running errands I count all the places I stop. Yesterday I left work at 11:30. Drove through the bank. Bought a nice pair of black Cole Hahn loafers, with Nike soles in Johns Creek. Stopped at the Post Office on Old Milton. Drove through the Alpharetta Taco Bell. Bought two tires at Tire Deals. After checking out a new store on Canton Road, I found a great pair of Ecco boots in East Cobb. Then I swung by the library before heading home. Including work, that was nine stops!

After taking a nap I took Matthew to his sleepover, and checked out TJ Maxx on the way home. Ceil and Anna went to Perimeter Mall, and I went to trivia. Big crowd…I knew 20 people there, including the Hurts and Joel Norman.

Will's girlfriend's family drove up to NYC from Cartersville. They're staying at their aunt in NJ. They're mainly there so see some shows and see the sights. It's Will, Mary-Clayton, her parents, and MC's brother (16) and sister (20). Yesterday Will toured Yankee Stadium and saw the musical "Once".

I stop by the stinky Kroger 3 or 4 days a week, it seems…picking up the things I eat…breakfast cereal, popcorn, etc, and mailer envelopes to send off eBay items.

Ceil was IKEA yesterday (or was it Wednesday?). She saw Louie Giglio (Passion's pastor). Also his wife.

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