Thursday, December 27, 2012

Before Christmas

Another busy evening Tuesday night. I left work at 5:15 and didn’t get to run. Ceil took Anna to art, then went Christmas shopping. Will was helping out in Cartersville, and didn’t return until after I went to bed. I did laundry. Ceil came home with the rest of the lights, so the tree finally got decorated.

Last Wednesday night we had fun at Chili’s. After work I ran, and Anna had to babysit, so we didn’t get to the restaurant until after seven. After a chips & salsa appetizer, I had the chicken fajitas. Anna and Ceil had chicken quesadillas, Matthew had the ribs and soup, and Will had a California sandwich (turkey, ham, and guacamole). The Knicks/Nets game was on TV. Back home we watched the X-Factor, and Cheer Perfection.

Looking at the 2013 Braves schedule, its interesting how they’ve spread out the interleague games. I have a few games in mind already, but will continue to look and decide. Right now we’re going back to Destin and Myrtle Beach next summer. I’ll try to consult the Pensacola minor league schedule before selecting a date. I need to figure out what else we’ll do, and work on some other goals.

Bean’s replacement has started work, and she seems to be working out well so far. I’m having to train her, but she’ll be off the next two weeks (the Ogre’s decision).

Will made a B in English (tough teacher) and four A’s. Dean’s List!

Saw basketball Connor’s dad at the stinky Kroger. Connor is playing for a prep school in NC, though he’s not taking any classes. They’ve already played over twenty games, and Connor has been getting lots of playing time. They played the famous Oak Hill Academy. I think I saw a video of him dunking, on Facebook.

The Hawks seem to play better against the better teams.

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