Monday, December 03, 2012

Championship Saturday

The SEC championship game was a thriller. Hated that Georgia lost. Bama figured at Georgia couldn’t stop the run, and it was all over. Will be interesting to see what people will say about 680 the fan’s Chuck Oliver this week. In the post game press conference he asked Richt about not being able to win the big one, and Richt called him on it. Oliver will never admit to being wrong, but he will be taken to task by his co-host and the callers.

Like Alabama, Tech needed to keep running the ball against UGA. Had Tech run the ball on every play, they would’ve continued to get first downs. But Johnson would keep called a pass, or some trick play, and Tech would have to punt. Same thing in the FSU game. The Noles shut down the sweep, but Tech was running the ball up the middle.

Many Tech fans blamed Washington for the FSU loss. Without him, the game wouldn’t have been so close. Vad Lee is a great talent, but against Duke, Georgia, and FSU he proved that he’s too inexperienced to perform in big games against tough opposition. Things might have been different had Vad played more earlier in the year. I was thinking Tech might actually win the bowl game for once, until I learned they were playing USC.

I’m sure the Sun Bowl hates being forced to take Tech for a second straight year. They have a contract with the ACC, and the conference made them take Tech.

The BCS is a mess, and the United States Congress is partially to blame. They threatened hearings and legislation if rules were changed to allow consideration to the smaller/weaker conferences. Now the five BCS bowls have to invite teams ranked 15th, 21st, and even unranked teams, while half the top ten gets shut out. But we knew all along that the bowls are only interested in making money. Deserving teams like Louisiana State are shut out, while teams with losing records are in. Bowls pick teams in their region, whose fans will best travel to the game. Unless they’re forced by contract to take a less-desirable team.

Friday I shut my computer down at five. Just then my phone rang, and for the next 30 minutes I was helping correct a month end problem. I had pretty much worked from 7:00 am to 5:30 pm without a break. Hadn’t been feeling too good in the morning, so I woofed down my chili at 10:00 am. By the time I left it was too dark to run in the park. I didn’t think about running on the track. For the rest of the evening I was worn out and grouchy.

Saturday morning I took Anna up north of Alpharetta to her friend Emily’s house. Emily had shot a deer the day before. When I dropped off Anna I noticed a huge open field through the woods behind her house. Later I asked Anna, and Emily had shot the deer in that field.

Later I cleaned out the van and got it washed. I still wasn’t feeling well, so I took a nap. Watched the SEC and ACC Championship games, then drove up to Browns Bridge Road to get Anna, north of Cumming…a 65 mile round trip at midnight.

Sunday we finally put all the containers of summer clothes into the attic (It’s a two-person job). We got out the Christmas decorations. Then I raked leaves and finished trimming the hedges, blew the library, cleaned the kitchen, and did some laundry. Watched the bowl selection shows. 

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