Sunday, December 16, 2012

Confined to the Car

Didn't feel well all day on Thursday. Then I got dragged into a meeting that lasted all morning. Lunch at the Norcross Station was great, but the afternoon was busy.

Left work at five and drove over near Northside Hospital to make a pickup. Then traffic was gridlocked on the way home…got home around 6:40. Ceil cooked burgers. Joel Norman was over to pick up Will.

We left at 7:10 for trivia…I played with David and Charles Norman, and prep-school basketball star Connor Smith. Left the coffee house at 9:25 and drove over to the Gwinnett Arena to pick up Anna from the Jingle Jam concert. Left there at 11 pm and took Emily home to Milton. Saw five deer. Got a little lost, and didn't get home until after 12:30…over 5 hours in the car.

Trained a new employee Friday, so no free time.

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