Saturday, December 22, 2012


Friday night we ate at Moes, and decorated the tree.

Saturday Ceil cooked scones for breakfast. We decorated more, and cleaned up. W, M, and I raked leaves. Had to call a plumber for an emergency, who wasn’t pleasant. Saturday night Will and MC went to a party, and Ceil cooked spaghetti and meatballs.

Sunday Ceil cooked breakfast sandwiches. I put more on eBay. After Passion Church I cooked pancakes. Watched a good chunk of the Falcon game. I had expected the Giants to win, so now I think the Falcons could make a run deep into the playoffs.

Trained the new employee Monday, so I’m even busier. A vendor brought in goodies. Typical crazy Monday night for my family. Training went ok, but slow. I worked through lunch, and then until 5:30 pm. I still went running, finishing in the dark. Everyone else had already left the park.

C, W, and M had gone shopping after school, to the mall and then to Buckhead. Anna and her friends were going ice skating, but the rink on Mansell was closed. Instead they saw Red Dawn, ate at California Pizza Kitchen, and trolled North Point Mall. I stopped by Kroger, went home and ate, then drove over to pick up Anna. We arrived back home before Ceil.

Matthew ate, then went to sleep. C, A, and W watched a movie, and I watched MNF. I went to bed, but everyone else was running around making noise at 11:30, including the dog. When I woke up before 6 am I wanted to turn all the lights and make a bunch of noise, but then I thought I’d better not.

Christmas luncheon at work on Tuesday. I also ran over to the safe deposit box. Left work at 5:15 and didn’t get to run. Ceil took Anna to art, then went Christmas shopping. Will was helping out in Cartersville, and didn’t return until after I went to bed. I did laundry. Ceil came home with the rest of the lights, so now the tree is finally decorated.

Ceil was given a Chili’s gift certificate, so we’re going there tonight. Last year it was Outback, and the year before that Olive Garden.

How did UGA get so bad in basketball? Goodness. The Hawks will probably play better against the better team.

There was a Dick Stuart that played with the Pirates, whose nickname was Dr. Strangeglove. His rookie year was 1958, according to my Baseball Encyclopedia that I keep here on my desk. Hit 227 homers in 9 seasons, with a high of 42 in 1962. But the 42 came when he was playing for the Red Sox. A righty, he hit them over the Green Monster. Stuart hit one of the longest home runs ever in Atlanta’s old Ponce de Leon Park.

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