Saturday, June 15, 2013


Matthew and Will came home late last Saturday afternoon. Ceil cooked stuffed manicotti shells. I did Will’s laundry, cleaned house, watched the Braves (and the movie Safe Haven, which was good). Also cleaned out the garage, which had flooded more than usual. Got more work to do on that.

Tuesday night I worked until 6:50 pm. Ran by the library on the way home. Almost checked out the RA Dickey book. Ceil had run up to Dick Blick to buy supplies for Anna’s art class. Matthew was at a sleepover, and Anna at a Bible Study. Ceil and I walked in the door at Moxie Burger at 8:57. Their kitchen closes at 9 pm, so we just made it. I had a plain burger and Ceil a chicken sandwich. Very good.

Stayed up later than normal playing on the computer while the Braves game was on. Researched the Braves’ 1986 season. I have another twenty years (and days, at one per day) to go.    

My boss has been on diets a couple of times over the years. A few years ago he lost 60 pounds. Right now he has lost over 30 pounds on his current diet. Every day for lunch he eats grilled chicken and lettuce…even if he goes out on a business lunch.

Ceil LOVES beef. Says she’s tired of chicken. Lean beef isn’t too bad…I need all the protein I can get. Usually I am subject to what she fixes. She loves to make homemade pizza or burritos, but all she eats is one piece of chicken or a burrito salad. Of course, I’m the one not training hard enough for the Peachtree.

There a burger and fries joint up in north Roswell/Alpharetta called Burgerfi. The photos look good…may be a good place to take Claire’s brood. Anna went last night with Caroline Hargreaves, then spent the night at her house. I haven’t been to Burgerfi, but I’ve heard a couple of good reports. Matthew likes the IKEA hot dogs. At least they’re only 50 cents, because they are not special.

If LeBron and the Heat are good enough to blow out the Spurs in Game Two, why did they lose games one and three? But the more I read, it seems LeBron is eclipsing MJ as an all-around PLAYER. James still has a ways to go to pass Jordan as a winner and competitor. Of course, I am far from being an expert. Another thing: LeBron’s shoes are uglier than Michael’s.

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