Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Pitch Counts & Tommy Johns

Earlier in Tuesday night's game the Royals had a runner on third. The infield came in, and 3B Chris Johnson fielded a grounder and threw home. Johnson eventually tagged out the runner, so he did not score. The batter made it to second, and he scored on a single up the middle. Had the runner at third had not run on the grounder to third, he would've scored on the single up the middle.
The ninth inning runner didn't score because it was an above average pitcher on the mound: Craig Kimbrel.
The pitch count difference between now and yesteryear is directly related to another difference: player salary. There have been numerous articles agreeing with your point of view, saying that pitchers are coddled too much. Texas Rangers owner Nolan Ryan has directed his team to let pitchers go deeper into games. A recent top draft pick from UCLA had said he would not sign with a team unless they let him throw as much as he wanted. He made it to the majors with Arizona, but this off-season was traded to Cleveland (I think). Managers and pitching coaches are slow to change. Earlier this season when O'Flaherty and Venters (and other Braves' relievers) were hurt Fredi made a point to letting his starters pitch deeper into games.
Many wonder if overuse had to do with the injuries suffered by O'Flaherty and Venters. A more likely culprit is their pitching motion, which is similar to Stephen Strasburg's, who also succumbed to Tommy John surgery.  
Had to take Matthew to his small group last night. While I waited I ran into a friend at a store, and talked to him for a long time. After I picked up Matthew we made several stops on the way home, including Taco Bell. Back home I turned on the Braves game. Anna had art class, and Ceil and Matthew went to Michaels and Publix. I tried to do some work on the computer, but was worn out from a headache I'd had all day.

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