Thursday, June 06, 2013

Frank Wren Reply

It's not every day I receive a letter from the Atlanta Braves. Frank Wren responded with a personal, typed reply to my letter suggesting the Braves switch back to striped stirrups and socks. Here's what Wren said:

Dear David:

I can tell that you follow the Braves very closely. I agree that the striped socks are a classic look. Unfortunately, they are not part of our regular uniform. hopefully you will continue to basic high-socks look that some of our players wear. Thank you for supporting the Atlanta Braves and taking the time to write. Keep cheering us on as we look forward to another exciting year.


Frank Wren

Executive Vice President
General Manager

Not much of a response, but at least he took the time. Typed in black Arial, the letter was initialed "FW" in blue. Interestingly, there were no initials below his name, signifying that a secretary had typed the letter.

No word yet from John Schuerholz or Bill Acree, who received the same letter. I have also yet to hear from Bud Selig on my Jackie Robinson Day idea.

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