Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Matthew was named Most Courageous Camper last week at Camp Highland, and accepted the award from Will (above). He seemed to have a good time. I think they really try to get the campers out of their comfort zones and try things (high ropes course, zip lines, etc) that they might not do without encouragement. Saw lots of photos of M wiping out on the inner tube, towed by a boat, and whitewater rafting. Photos of Will whitewater rafting while wearing his Oakley sunglasses, and holding onto TWO inner tubes while being towed at high speed.

Today the Ogre brought in Mellow Mushroom for lunch, to celebrate co-worker Tim's impending nuptials.

A week or so ago I was messing with GoodReads on my phone. I think I accidentally sent a friend request to every Facebook friend who is also on GoodReads. That was not my plan, but I do have several new friends. I don't like updating GoodReads on my phone because I don't want it to update Facebook.

Before last night's game someone was gushing about Teheran, saying they hoped he did ok without Laird catching. I replied that pitchers had greatly complimented Brian McCann's ability to call a good game after his major league debut so many years ago. This year several pitchers have complimented Gattis' catching prowess as well, though he did have a rough game in LA (though those were wild pitches, not passed balls).

Finishing up my Third Bullet book. I plan on taking a couple Grisham paperbacks to read out on the beach. Also need to finish my Tim Wakefield book. Sunday I watched the Netflix movie "Knuckler" about him, RA Dickey. Phil Niekro was in the movie. We also watched Safe Haven…pretty good. Adapted from the Nicholas Sparks book.

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