Saturday, June 15, 2013

Trick Shot Titus

Have you seen the YouTube Videos of Trick Shot Titus? Google him if you haven’t seen him. He is a two-year old basketball shooting machine from Kansas. His dad made a video that went viral on YouTube.

Jimmy Kimmel had him on the show, and Titus beat Kimmel in a 45 second contest. A month or so later Titus went back on Kimmel and beat Shaq 8-0. For 30 seconds Shaq missed every shot he took.

Anna like the Jimmy Kimmel three “Baby Bachelor” videos, which are also on YouTube. Kimmel filmed his young nephew, dressed in a tux, in the format of the Bachelor shows. The girls that were picked were given toy dinosaurs.

Speaking of viral videos, Joel Norman’s music video has over 45,000 hits. Sunday night I gave Joel the pair of blue canvas Pumas that I rarely wear.

Good Sports Illustrated article arguing that the best hitter should bat second instead of third. And we keep seeing Tweets on how poorly the Braves’ second spot in the order has fared statistically, thought Heyward is showing somewhat of a resurgence. Not sure I’d want Justin batting second: I’d rather stick with Heyward.
Jason, Justin, BJ, and Uggla have all shown signs of life lately, putting the ball in play more than striking out. I laugh when people say Gattis is cooling off, as if they expect him to continue his torrid pace over the course of a season. When his .750 pinch hitting average goes down they will wonder what went wrong. The same thing will happen to Puig of the Dodgers.
Good to see Lang tweeting about the Braves. Will David Wright pick Gattis to be in the home run derby?

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