Wednesday, July 02, 2014

An Amazing Thing

Twenty years ago we would have been amazed at all the things one small handheld device would be able to do – many more than what had been dreamed about on Star Trek back in the sixties. There are many things my smartphone does for me every day that I take for granted, and I barely scratch the surface at what all it can be used for. A current commercial shows how useful a smartphone can be as a training tool for various workouts and sports.

Here is a partial list of just some of the functions a smart phone can do: Address Book, Alarm Clock, Answering Machine, Appointment Scheduler, Bible, Book Reader, Bookshelf, Calculator, Calendar, Camera, Checkbook, Clock, Compass, Computer, Cookbook, Countdown Timer, Encyclopedia, Flashlight, Game Player, Garage Door Opener, GPS, Heart Monitor, Hymnal, Level, Magazine, Mailbox, Mirror, Music Player, Newspaper, Notebook, Pedometer, People Tracker, Photo Album, Photo Editor, Pocket Watch, Remote Control, Road Map, Scorebook, Scorecard, Security Camera, Stationary, Stock Ticker, Stopwatch, Television, Thermometer, Video Camera, Video Phone, Video Player, VCR, Weather Forecast, Weather Radar, and World Clock. You can also punch in numbers and talk to other people.

What else do you use your smartphone to do?

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