Friday, July 04, 2014

Matt Ryan: Top Tier?

ESPN Insider’s Matt Santo surveyed 26 “front-office types” and ranked Matt Ryan as only a second-tier NFL quarterback. Based on who’s ahead of him, I cannot dispute the rank. This season Ryan will be the highest paid player in the NFL. Ex-UGA QB Matthew Stafford of the Lions is the second-highest paid player. 

In my book Cam Newton may be more mobile and have a stronger arm, but his selfishness and me-first attitude place him far behind Ryan’s team-first fiery leadership. Tony Romo’s failures in the clutch place him below Ryan well. The Falcons’ 2013 failures were by no means Matt Ryan’s fault. No elite NFL quarterback, not even the great Peyton Manning nor Brett Farve, could have quarterbacked the 2013 Falcons into the playoffs.

Top Tier
1. Tom Brady (won Super Bowls)
2. Peyton Manning (won Super Bowl)
3. Aaron Rodgers (won Super Bowl)
4. Drew Brees (won Super Bowl)
5. Andrew Luck (played two seasons!)

Second Tier
6. Philip Rivers (held back by team?)
7. Ben Rothlisberger (won Super Bowls)
8. Matt Ryan
8. Tony Romo
8. Russell Wilson (won Super Bowl)
8. Eli Manning (won Super Bowls)
12. Joe Flacco (won Super Bowl)

Third Tier
13. Cam Newton

Below Newton: Washington’s Robert Griffin III, the 49ers Colin Kapernick, the Rams’ Sam Bradford, and the Lions’ Matthew Stafford. And the QB’s for the Bears, Eagles, Cardinals, Dolphins, Jaguars, Titans, Bengals, Browns, Vikings, Raiders, Buccaneers, Jets, and Chiefs.

Thursday morning I offered to help my GM with a project for the VP. Very important to get it right. Unfortunately she accepted my offer for help. I had to correct some numbers on a PowerPoint presentation. I have never in my life worked on a PowerPoint, and I wasn’t sure my laptop was geared for it. My GM was already past due in her GM’s office, so I had to hurry. Usually when I make mistakes when I hurry. By correcting the numbers our case with our customer now looked worse, but they were what they were. I made the changes and hustled them back to her. I’m glad I was able to lend a hand.

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