Tuesday, July 01, 2014

By the Book

In his book Don Zimmer said managers “go by the book” so they’ll have a defense if their move doesn’t work out. If the manager plays a hunch/gambles/goes by his gut/goes against the book, then it’s his fault if the move doesn’t work out. 

Zim's two beanings hastened the advent of the batting helmet. After a cancer scare he swore off chewing tobacco. His book was so good that I’m going to read his other book next.

Also reading Stephen King’s “Under the Dome.” I haven’t seen the miniseries (which resumed last night, with an episode written by King himself). Hopefully the TV show isn’t as dark as the book. The book is bloody, but I imagine not as bloody as some of his other thrillers.

A good comeback, thanks to lots of help from the Mets. BJ Upton has a seven game hit streak, but he still plays like he hasn’t a clue. Bases-loaded deep fly ball, and he just lobs it in. I was surprised the runner from second didn’t try to score. BJ walks and steals second, but is tagged out when he comes off the base on his pop-up slide. After the replay confirmed the out, BJ slowly walked off the field with his helmet off – to a chorus of boos. If statistics proved that I was the worst outfielder in baseball, I would at least hustle and act like I cared.

Monday night Ceil cooked chicken burritos, then headed out to her Johnson Ferry meeting. Anna and I watched 24. Will was at MC’s. W and C watched 24 on Tuesday night.

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