Monday, July 14, 2014

Lost But Now Found

Drove Anna's Jeep to work Thursday, and two co-workers took apart the middle console and fixed the ignition so the keys could be removed. No CD player for my book. That afternoon I cancelled the last of five accounts…two credit cards (personal and work), two banks cards, and my library card. Planned to get a new drivers license on Friday.

On the way home I called my dad. Was still talking to him in the driveway after I arrived home. Will drove up, got out of his Jeep – and handed me my wallet. How did it get in his car? Last Saturday night I had my wallet in the CRV. Sunday morning Ceil drove the CRV. When I drove M Sunday afternoon I took Will's Jeep, but I remember not having my wallet then. I made some stops knowing I couldn't buy anything. Not sure what happened. Wednesday one replacement credit card was delivered, and another should arrive today. That same day I drove to Dunwoody to a bank that could give me a replacement bank card right then. So I'm set.

Found out Thursday we have an expensive plumbing problem to fix. Probably well over $1,000.00. Last night C went shopping for the beach with A and M. I packed, cleaned up from our homemade pizza dinner, watched some Braves, and went to bed. To me, Aaron Harang's face looks like Rich Morris. Whitey Ford wouldn't have won Wednesday's game with all-star wannabe Justin Upton lollygagging around in the outfield. It's a shame that slowpokes like David Wright can take second on a single to left. I saw photos that Lang took at the game.

Will and MC leaves for SC around 1 pm. Anna might ride with them. We drop M off at his friend's house in Gwinnett County on the way out of town.

Reading Stephen King's "Under the Dome." I hear the TV show is nothing like the book. Last night I went on line to read about the TV show, and discovered one of the young actresses on the show was in the play Anna performed in.

Mary-Clayton's parents have season tickets to whatever series the Little Mermaid was a part of. Her mom is currently serving at Camp Winshape, and couldn't go. I told Will to look for E and C and the girls, but he said the place was full of little girls and their moms. I was in bed when Will got home, so I don't know how he liked it. Wednesday night Ceil went to art after working at her new art school all day. Anna to a movie after we ate leftover burritos. Matthew did summer schoolwork, so I took him to Zaxbys.

Blog posts are looking different this week because I'm posting off my laptop. That's also the reason there aren't any pictures.

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