Thursday, July 03, 2014

Pre-Peachtree Prep

After work Wednesday Will went down to the World Congress Center and picked up our numbers. I had “won” the right to buy two more numbers, which Mary-Clayton and Rob Kelly needed. On the way home Will met Rob at the OK Café to give him his number. Time Groups: Will is in B, but will run in Mary-Clayton’s group G. I am in M, and Rob is in N. Chad Eaton is in B. Scott and Robin Condra are selling their numbers. Kelly Curran Johnson is running with her 12 year old son. My feet are hurting a little.

I’ll run/walk the Peachtree, but it’s been hard to practice. Last year I stopped three or four times to chat with people I knew. Later I found out my time and realized that if I hadn’t stopped I would’ve had a pretty decent time. Guess this year I won’t stop.

Wednesday afternoon Steve Edwards, son of the former SPdL associate pastor, contacted me through Facebook, asking a bunch of Peachtree questions. He and his wife have been running more this year, and even ran a 5K. Steve and I are friends on Facebook, so I see what he’s up to and he sees the various jokes that I post. We may have commented on the same post by someone else, but this is probably the first time we actually communicated with each other. I filled Steve in with some Peachtree tips. It will be their first Peachtree.

I would be a lousy Peachtree Road Race spectator, watching people go by for two hours with only an occasional person I knew flying by. Supposedly this year a world-class runner is starting the race ten minutes after the last group starts, around 9:15 am. His goal is to pass 22,500 runners. Good luck – all those back of the pack “runners” have never heard of the “walkers to the right” rule.

Stopped off on the way home Wednesday to get my hair cut by my favorite stylist, Denise. I mentioned that my son was in a wedding, and needed a haircut. She said he needed to get his hair cut at least two weeks in advance, in case the barber messed up. I said “but you wouldn’t mess up, would you?” Later Will showed up and got a nice haircut.

Ceil cooked ground beef burritos. Anna had her leftover chicken burritos. After C fixes my burrito she always fixes herself a salad. We watched the Braves and Duck Dynasty – a few more episodes that we hadn’t seen.  

Jim Watterson passed away Wednesday afternoon. He had been suffering from Alzheimer’s and last night his boys said that the end was near.

Tuesday night Ceil and Will watched 24 last night on the computer. Anna went to art, then out to the Hargreaves, then met her leader from Passion. I watched the Braves and finished up my Don Zimmer book. Ceil cooked chicken, baked potatoes, and salad for dinner.

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