Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Terrible Thing to Waste

On Friday the 11th Will drove my Civic to work so he and MC could leave early for SC. I drove his Jeep to work, and hung my sportcoat in the back to attend a morning funeral for a co-worker’s father-in-law. After I snuck out of the funeral I tossed to jacket in the back and rushed back to work. Later I moved the Jeep to the gated parking lot when Ceil and Anna picked me up on the way out of town.

This past Saturday the 19th I dropped Will off to pick up the Jeep. Planning on getting the oil changed, I cleaned out his Jeep Sunday afternoon. Among the stuff in the back was a wadded up sportcoat. As I hung it up I muttered to myself that Will should take better care of his clothes.

Went back to work Monday the 21st. Saw the co-worker, who thanked me for coming to the funeral. Then it hit me – that wadded up sportcoat was mine!

Like BJ Upton and Dan Uggla, when Jeff Francoeur was with the Braves he was statistically the worst offensive player in baseball. Yet this weekend many fans will say that Wren should’ve picked Francoeur back up…after he was also released by the Mets, Rangers, and lowly Royals. The Padres have given up – they are 12 games under .500 and 12-1/2 games behind the first place Dodgers. They just traded away their best relief pitcher. The Braves are 9 games over .500.

Had a lunch meeting Wednesday – BBQ. Also a lunch meeting with EZGo Thursday. Trying to eat better. So far this week I have turned down chocolate cake, chikfila biscuits, macaroni and cheese, banana pudding, cookies, and burritos. Also ordered Wendys for M but nothing for me.

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