Saturday, July 19, 2014

KD7 35000 Degrees

On June 26 Nike unveiled the latest edition of NBA MVP Kevin Durant’s signature shoe, the KD7. A few months ago I professed my love for the KD sneaker on the “SHOES” tab of my blog, and the new model is another hit. The shoe appear to provide plenty of support all the way up to the ankle, which I love. Unlike all the low profile shoes I’ve been coming across, these KD7’s are more built up. They are quite comfy as well. The “bright mango” colored “35000 Degrees” model hit stores July 12 – three days after mine arrived.

Thanks to a dear friend I was one of the first to wear the KD7s. Already I've been counting the opportunities to wear them: at work on casual Friday, to games at Turner Field, Coolray Field, in Rome, and Myrtle Beach. To Passion City Church (Louie, Chris Tomlin, and Brett Yonker are all shoe hounds). On vacation, when I’m out and about. At football games in the fall, and basketball games after that. They’ll look great both with jeans and with shorts. It will be so fun to own the KD7’s without having to think about selling them on EBay – I won’t. I recently got rid of my two pair of red Pumas, so I “need” a flashy pair of sneakers. Was also thrilled to receive the pair of matching socks.

Will just bought a pair of similar-colored running shoes at the REI tent sale. Ceil has a crazy-colored pair of Asics. It’s doubtful my brother-law or his son, the Clemson equipment manager, will say anything. But since they’re always wearing the latest Clemson-issued Nikes, they’ll check them out. At work sneakerhead Darryl will be jealous. Last week I discussed sneakers with my new boss – he has a decent looking lightweight blue pair he wears from time to time. Last week I wore my comfortable blue Jordan RCVR shoes, which look similar to his.    
Since I’ve been busy populating the SHOES tab of my blog with my latest finds, I have failed to mention many shoes here on the blog’s main page. This stops now. In addition to the KD7’s, in late June I snapped up a pair of low-profile Puma TT-Super shoes that I couldn’t resist. Wore them to my focus group and had planned on wearing them to the Gwinnett Braves game, but I correctly determined they would’ve gotten wet in the rain. Wore flip-flops instead.

Since the Pumas are in such good shape, I might eventually sell them. The first thing I did was to buy a pair of cushy inner soles so I wouldn’t dirty up the nice Puma liner. Sunday I wore the Pumas to church. Later when I picked up Matthew at Menchies Yogurt, the shopping center parking lot had just been tarred, and the bottom of my Pumas were all black. Just my luck.

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