Thursday, February 04, 2016


At work this week I’m asking trivia questions. Co-worker Mike asked me to copy his friend Matt, who was good with the questions. They had been college teammates down in Milledgeville. Matt didn’t make the show but must’ve gotten on a baseball card. Tomorrow I’ll have to ask a trivia question about Matt.
1. Besides Joe Namath, what other famous person is in the iconic photo above? (please no sexual harassment complaints)
a. NFL commissioner Pete Rozelle
b. AJC sportswriter Furman Bisher
c. Announcer Billy Packer
d. Announcer Brent Musburger
2. Which Super Bowl player is related to an actress on Orange is the New Black?
a. Cam Newton 1 Panthers QB
b. Peyton Manning 18 Broncos QB
c. Rakim Cox 77 Panthers DE
d. Aaron Brewer 46 Broncos long snapper
3. In the movie Up in the Air, what was George Clooney’s profession?
a. Headhunter
b. Airline Pilot
c. Corporate downsizer
d. Pharmaceutical Sales
4. Which late night talk show host was a cast member on Mary Tyler Moore’s short lived variety show?
a. David Letterman
b. Jay Leno
c. Arsenio Hall
d. Craig Ferguson
5. What number did Forrest Gump wear for the University of Alabama?
a. 24
b. 40
c. 42
d. 44
6. Which Seinfeld actor has NOT appeared on Jerry’s current show Comedians in Cars Drinking Coffee?
a. Jason Alexander (George)
b. Michael Richards (Kramer)
c. Julia Louis Dreyfus (Elaine)
d. Wayne Knight (Newman)
7. In High School Musical 2, what was Gabriella’s summer job?
a. Waitress
b. Lifeguard
c. Babysitter
d. Actress
BONUS: Is Matt Goyen right-handed or left-handed?

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David said...

1. D. Brent is Mr. White Pants.
2. E. none of the above. Tyron manning denied rumors she was related to Peyton and Eli.
3. C. A good movie, similar to the good The Velveteen Rabbit.
4. A. Letterman.
5. D. You can still buy Gump's #44 jersey on line.
6. D. Newman. A hilarious show.
7. B. Lifeguard
B. Throws left, bats right (like me).