Monday, February 01, 2016

More Pictures

MC posted more wedding photos, so I'll try to add a new one every day if possible. Two new wedding bits: Years ago Sally Angevine baby-sat Mary-Clayton's dad and his brothers.

Catherine Ritchie was in Chapel Choir with me. She was good friends with Mackay Worrill, Kimberly Kitchens, and Melissa Giles. Catherine teaches college Sunday School at FBC Watkinsville (near Athens) and knows Abbey Tillman, one of Mary-Clayton's bridesmaids. Catherine told Abbey she has known me since high school. Catherine was in high school, I was in college.

David and Mary Hurt sold their house in Milton, and are looking for something smaller in the same area. We've been invited to a Super Bowl party at their house.

TRIVIA: In honor of Super Bowl 50, this week's trivia will feature Super Bowl questions. By Sunday night you'll be able to amaze your friends with your knowledge. If the questions prove too hard I'll try to make them easier as the week progresses.

1. What two Denver Bronco Super Bowl quarterbacks were originally drafted by the Colts?
a. Craig Morton and Peyton Manning
b. Craig Morton and John Elway
c. John Elway and Peyton Manning

2. In honor of Eric McGill, what former Florida State Seminole was once named Super Bowl MVP?
a. RB Warrick Dunn, Tampa Bay vs Raiders
b. WR Fred Biletnikoff, Oakland vs Vikings
c. QB Brad Johnson, Tampa Bay vs Raiders
d. DB KR Deion Sanders, San Francisco vs Chargers

3. Which two Desperate Housewives once appeared on Seinfeld as Jerry's girlfriend?
a. Eva Longoria and Marcia Cross
b. Eva Longoria and Felicity Huffman
c. Evan Longoria and Teri Hatcher
d. Teri Hatcher and Felicity Huffman
e. Marcia Cross and Teri Hatcher
f. Marcia Cross and Felicity Huffman

BONUS: Which Seinfeld actor attended the University of Georgia?

BONUS: Who was the only Super Bowl MVP to play for the losing team?

Busy at work plus I'm doing trivia this week. Since I am the oldest I'm not up to speed with the latest happenings. So my questions come from long ago. So there were complaints.

Friday left work before three, after working 8 hours. Drove home and picked up M and hit the road at 3:50. Traffic was bad all over town. Took 40 minutes to go from 400 to 85 on 285. Traffic on 20 east was bad as well. Got M (and me) a snack at Taco Bell across from Stonecrest Mall. The drivers there were terrible, not waiting their turn and blocking lanes of traffic just so they could try to force their way in even though there wasn't space – they should've gone the correct (but longer) way. Guess I should've remembered there had been a shooting at Stonecrest just after Christmas.

Stop 2 was the Value Village in Conyers. M got a sweater and shirt, I passed on a David Wingate New Orleans Hornets bobble, and an Eddie Mathews bobble from 2003 (I already had one). Stop 3 was Goodwill in Covington. I passed on a Mike Vick statue. Stop 4 was the Madison Goodwill. M got a CD and I got a nice blue long sleeve tee from Cabalas.

M wanted to eat 90 miles away at the Augusta Moe's, which closed at 9. Had to drive a little faster than usual but made it in plenty of time. We ate on the road and I dribbled salsa on my pullover and pants. I realized we needed gas, so stop 6 was in Lugoff for that. Made it to Jefferson at 11 pm. Ceil and Joan were still awake. Friday night I felt sick, and had to get up at least 6 times during the night. Must've been the Taco Bell.

Saturday M and I were sent 8 miles up the road to get bread, English muffins, and Bojangles biscuits. Dropped off M at the house with the biscuits and went to gas up Joan's car. I had noticed a car missing from Rusty's house and spied it at the post office, so I turned to head that way. Rusty was coming out so I talked to him while I was stopped at the one red light in town. Just then Phil drove by and honked at Rusty. I turned and followed Phil's van and flagged him down. He and Teresa were out driving their old dog around town, since we was too old to walk.

Left Jefferson after noon. Stopped again at the Augusta Moe's (I had BOGO coupons). Listened to two Andy Stanley sermons along the way, including the one taken out of context by the AJC and Harold Hall's son David. In 25 minutes he mentioned politics once in passing. The rest was Jesus and the Bible, which he said should be our focus as opposed to politics, etc. We made it home by 5:30. C and M ran to the grocery store.

C and I went over for dinner for Lee's birthday. Six couples, so when we sat down to eat there was lots of chatter. Took me a few minutes to get acclimated. Brisket, baked beans, salad, fruit, German chocolate cake. I held myself to one serving and skipped the rice. One couple was "new" – we had met them at church but they hadn't been in our small group. After the meal they were the first to leave to collect kids. After that we posed for pictures, which meant the new couple wasn't in them. Oops.

I had felt ok most of the day, but my stomach felt a little queasy again when we got home. Saturday night Barney kept waking me up. His ears were bothering him and he would vigorously shake his head (and the bed), jangling his collar and tags. Finally I tricked him into going downstairs, and I shut the bedroom door. Two straight nights without much sleep.

Sunday Ceil attended two Sunday School classes and later a JFBC dessert gathering. After church we stopped by home depot to get a new mailbox and post. The old mailbox had been on its last legs – over 22 years old with a rotten base. Last week a teenager backed into it and killed it, but a new one was sorely needed anyway. I dug a new hole and attached the base and box on the wood pole. Ceil mixed the concrete and poured it in around the pole. I filled in the hole and spread wood chips over the dirt. Much more complicated than typing those last two sentences. I hate jobs like that.

Took the rest of the day off – except for laundry and taking M for pizza and downtown for church. Didn't make sense to drive back home and I wasn't dressed for church, so I drove around Georgia Tech and walked for an hour at Atlantic Station, which is basically an outdoor Lenox Square: fancy shops and restaurants. By the end of the day I had walked 13000 steps and over 6 miles. I need to do that every day.

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David said...

1. C. Elway and Peyton.
2. B. Hall of Fame receiver Biletnikoff set up three scores with catches down to the one yard line.
3. E. Cross and Hatcher.
B. Wayne Knight (aka Newman).
B. Cowboys linebacker Chuck Howley was voted Super Bowl V's MVP moments before rookie kicker Jim O'Brien kicker the game-winning field goal for the Colts.