Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Frenchy's Return

Think Francoeur can repeat last season's pinch-hitting success? Frenchy may be a better option than Swisher or Bourne, as long as the Braves are willing to eat a contract. The downside is that all the fans will be wanting him to play. Perhaps this is a move to put fans in the seats – something that usually doesn't happen but this one season might be a good idea.

ROB: I hope he does well. Overall he had a good year last year, however, most of his damage came in hitter friendly Philly versus on the road - 9 HR and .523 SLG versus 4 HR and .354 SLG on the road. He is better defensively than Swisher and has more pop than Bourn. I would not be surprised if they cut loose of both Swisher and Bourn before ST is over.

ME: looks like Francoeur has been borrowing from Jefferson native Tommy Two Gloves Gainey (above). Appropriate that Frenchy played for the Chihuahuas.
I had pretty much forgotten about Rowland's Office. I don't have the link on my favorites any more, and I don't follow them on Twitter.

The neighbor girl went to a week-long softball camp at UGA and loved it. They may eat at the brand new Bolton dining hall across from the student center (where there's a Chickfila). Bolton has all kinds of food choices: burgers, dogs, fries, shakes, various Italian, Mexican, and Chinese dishes, baked chicken, vegetables, hot breakfast dishes made to order, cereal, and ice cream and other desserts. I say that and they'll probably have them eat somewhere else. This past fall Will lived off-campus but still got the meal plan.

Still having electrical problems with my Civic.

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