Monday, February 29, 2016

Weight Loss Mistakes

The biggest mistakes you make when you’re trying to lose 50-plus pounds, by Jordan Davidson on I have added my own notes.

You’re not clear why you want to lose. Avoid diabetes and a heart attack. Wear smaller sized clothes. More energy. Look better in pictures.

You lack a clear plan of action. My plan: diet and daily exercise. Smaller portions. No sugar, potatoes, rice, pizza. Lose one pound per week.

You’ve got the wrong friends, who are always offering you bad food to eat. Ditch them.

You didn’t get your family’s support. Tough.

Your healthy breakfast ain’t so healthy. You don’t want to be hungry an hour later.

You’re following a fad diet. Protein builds muscle, which burns mare calories and fat.

You’re bored with the diet. Change things up to stay fresh.

You keep sneaky snacks around. Bad sugary snacks can kill a diet. Just say no.

You’re a weekend warrior. Exercising once per week isn’t going to help. Instead lift weights three days and runs intervals three days.

You’re skipping meals. Better to eat 6 small meals to keep your metabolism going.

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