Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Jackets on a Roll?

GT made it four straight wins by beating lowly BC on Saturday. As usual GT pulled out to a big first half lead against an inferior opponent Saturday, and then barely hung on to win. Now there’s talk of extending Gregory for another year so he won’t be a lame duck next year. People have forgotten about the horrible home losses to bottom feeders Virginia Tech and East Carolina. He loses most of the team at the end of the season and will have to rebuild. Recruiting is tough when you’re a lame duck. Seven of the top ten high school players in the 2017 recruiting class are in the Atlanta area. Would be nice if Tech could get one, though it’s highly doubtful.

Some say GT’s advantage is the experience of their players going up against lots of freshmen and sophomores on other teams. Then why does Tech always lose the second half? Shooting and coaching.

Murphy’s Law: Tech will break your heart. Should Gregory get an extension for winning games he should’ve been winning all along, then next season they’ll revert to form and lose and lose and lose. Most good teams rebuild as they go, with players of all ages so they don’t all use up their eligibility at the same time.

The Braves look years into the future. Tougher to do with college basketball (but not impossible). The Braves may not need to make a move right now, but they’re on the lookout for whose contract expires when and how they can turn that into an upgrade. Rumors of possible candidates to replace manager Fredi Gonzalez after this year (probably) include former catchers David Ross and Eddie Perez, as well as former MLB manager Bud Black.

I am not surprised that Joe Johnson did not return to the Hawks, for several reasons. He was reviled here for not being about to carry the team. Most veterans who’ve made the big money then chase a ring, choosing less playing time to sign with a team with a chance to make it to the Finals. Not Joe. He chose to sign with Miami, where he could play starters minutes. I’m glad he did not return to Atlanta.

Friday afternoon C took M to Decatur for a sleepover. Since it was rush hour Ceil went to the DeKalb Farmers Market and didn’t make it home until after 8 pm. I worked until 5:30 and made three stops on the way home. Later Ceil cooked a spinach and ravioli soup.

Saturday morning we cleaned up. I logged onto my laptop and updated Anna’s federal government financial aid file for next year. Will had been working on his, so I wanted to be available to answer any questions he had.

Drove to Decatur to pick up M. He drove back on Lavista to oak Grove to lakeside High, then Briarcliff to Claremont, and 85 South to 400 north. Later he drove to Cumming and back – his first solo trip. Sunday he made the trip again. I did some laundry and gassed up the Jeep. Drove Ceil to Publix and Trader Joes, and gassed up the CRV.

Went over to Ceil’s good friend Nancy’s house. Her brother Mark had just arrived from Minneapolis. He’s on his way to spend a week at his condo in Destin. We figured out it was less than half a mile from your condo, on that Gulf Shores Drive past your street. It’s a one bedroom unit he has owned for over ten years. He usually goes twice a year and rents it out the rest of the time. He’s on the condo board. Another relative owned a condo back near that busy crosswalk.
Watched the first three episodes of the Fuller House reboot Saturday night. It was just OK. Hopefully at least one of the old guys makes an appearance in each episode. Ceil cooked a baked spaghetti dish for supper.

Sunday School speaker was a missionary from India. 98% of the 1.3 billion there are unsaved, but they’re making tremendous progress.

Sunday afternoon we watched the Johnny Depp movie Finding Neverland, about the author of Peter Pan. We had seen it years ago in the theater. Then the Oscars red carpet and the show. Host Chris Rock predictably stayed on topic all night (the lack of black nominees) so the Academy got exactly what they were asking for. Rock was funny and spoke the truth, and picked on both the white and black. Loved the “Black History Month Minute” honoring Jack Black. I was unfamiliar with most of the nominated movies, and went to bed before ten.
New low for me this morning  – 8 pounds. I’m pretty much back on track on my weekly goal. Getting up and walking this morning had to help. Over two miles, over 40 minutes, only saw 4 cars. Today I traded my ravioli soup lunch for chicken pasta. I guess it was a good decision. May have been more fattening, but there wasn’t much of either.

I’m wondering why coffee lovers don’t add coffee to more food. Add a little coffee to oatmeal or grits. Anything milky or chocolate.

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