Thursday, March 24, 2016

Construction Update

Here’s a photo from my friend Lee's office. His company is moving in a few weeks, so we might go over there next week to check out the construction.

Last Friday VP Eric and secretary Renee went over to pick out where the company seats will be. We're moving from behind the first base dugout to behind the third base dugout - closest for less money than first. I wasn't 100% sure that's where they were going or I would've asked to go, but afterwards Renee said there wasn't much to it. They were in an office building and didn't see the park.

SunTrust is going to be cool because at night it will be all lit up and right there in view of traffic on 75 South and 285 East. As I thought, the upper deck will have views of Stone Mountain, downtown Atlanta, Buckhead, the Perimeter Mall area, and the Cumberland Galleria area. TV cameras can pan over to sunsets and Kennesaw Mountain. I'd say it will be more scenic than Turner Field. 

Renee did say that in September tours of SunTrust Field would be conducted, and she would add my name to the list, so that will be cool. Sitting near Renee has its perks. I'm one of the first to know about available tickets (a rare event) and she lets me pick out the menu for the monthly department lunch meetings (heavy on BBQ).

Sunday at the JFBC traditional service I was disappointed no tradition hymns were sung from the hymnal. There was a medley of worship choruses that included “Praise the Lord, let the earth hear His voice” but all the rest were newer praise songs.

Tuesday at school M got sick. C was busy teaching her classes so M had to drive home. I heard the news but it wasn’t until I was leaving work at six that I wondered how C got home from school. M drove back to pick her up. M must’ve eaten something that made him sick. Last night he was well enough to go to his Bible Study – and stop by Zaxbys on the way home.

C cooked a white bean soup and baked cut up sweet potato strips. I registered me and Will for the Peachtree Road Race – my 29th and his 13th. C watched The Voice and the new show about the heart doctor.

Thursday night I stayed with the GT game until SD State pulled away early in the second half. You may have noticed the three GT fans behind the baseline, two painted in yellow and black. The guy in the yellow shirt to their right was the son of a friend of mine. A few years ago I entered a contest on the San Diego State athletics website. Ever since then I get emails from them. Yesterday I got an email selling tickets to the SD ST / GT game. GT blew out a team (SC) missing 5 players. Will the Jackets’ growing confidence carry them deeper into the NIT? Will winning 8 of his last 10 give Gregory the job security he needs? Interesting the Jackets wore white on the road.

C went with her friends to a women’s meeting, where a mission organization from India was speaking. The Indian women make basket purses to sell to raise money to support churches there in India.

Co-worker Wanda was out Thursday visiting her sick father. Got two conference calls and I’m supposed to train a new employee. Looks like I won’t be able to get away for Barbara Goldsmith’s funeral, which I hate. The Tube Lady was off Tuesday for her husband’s grandmother’s funeral in Arlington National Cemetery.

Friday morning I was in Kroger and I passed by the rack of small metal cars. M has a small collection, including a classic VW Beetle and two different sized VW Busses.

When VP Eric gets to the office early he plays music (loudly) until the phones start ringing. Always good selections. Friday morning’s random selections: Viva Las Vegas by Elvis, Workin at the CarWash, and Jet by the Beatles.

I won another sweepstakes. Bud Light had been giving away a trip to San Francisco and Super Bowl 50. Took Barney outside last night and found a UPS envelope. The UPS truck was just driving away. Went inside and opened it up – I won a small blue Super Bowl 50 football. Barney loved it. Like most of his toys, he had it busted in 5 minutes. When I carried it over to the trash can, Barney followed me with that “you put that in the trash can and I’ll dig it right out” look on his face.

This weekend W and MC may go to Austin Texas. W said he didn't do much on his overnight trip to Waco. Attended a Baylor baseball game and saw the silos the Fixer Upper Gaines couple had bought. While MC was in NYC for a week with her class he worked 67 hours.

As of today I've lost 10 pounds on my pound a week diet, just a couple of pounds/weeks behind schedule. Hopefully now with warmer weather coming in I can really kick it in gear. I doubt I'll lose 50 pounds this year, but 20-30-40 would be great.

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