Friday, March 25, 2016

Dec Jan Feb March Bobbles


First in a seven month series. Guess I'll do the bobblehead thing again this year, out of sheer momentum. I still need to start selling some of my collection, which will soon pass two hundred.
12.22 TUE Georgia State Ron Hunter. Kicking myself for not driving downtown for this one. 
1.23 SAT UGA Andy Landers. Anna slept through this one. 
2.13 SAT UGA Gymdogs Leah Brown. Got it from Facebook friend Dan Fox. Overpaid, but Ceil likes it.
02.27 SAT UGA Shandon Anderson. Missed it. Anna had a meeting. 
3.03 THU PHIL vintage Phillies BH
3.04 FRI MIL Jonathan Lucroy 2015 BH
3.06 SUN MIL 2015 vintage Brewers BH
3.12 SAT MIL 2015 Bud Selig BH
3.18 FRI MIL 2015 Wily Peralta BH
3.21 MON MIL 2015 Paul Molitor BH

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