Friday, March 18, 2016

Times are a 'Changing

Yesterday a car in Roswell veered off the road, plowed through a bus stop shelter, and broke a telephone pole. Channel 46 news was out there. Lanes were closed and being rerouted. Third time this week in my area. Seems like there are more inexperienced drivers on the road these days than ever before. People come to this country having not driven every day since they were 16. Instead they are just now learning to drive, with the roads already overcrowded with cars. No one to teach them defensive or courteous driving. Same thing walking through grocery stores and shopping malls. People don’t stay to the right, instead meandering wherever they please at whatever pace they want, not paying attention or caring about the people around them.
Any thoughts about Wednesday night’s GT Houston game? Of course since I predicted a close game, GT finally blew someone out. Houston hadn’t played in like ten days. Next comes South Carolina, who won their first round game despite suspending five players for the postseason. Can GT beat them? Interesting the game will be at SC and not at GT.
Co-worker Brad’s brother-in-law (50-ish) fell off the back of a truck and landed on his head. Turned out he had a heart attack, causing the fall.
C fixed a ground beef taco salad Wednesday night. M ate two tacos. For lunch today I have leftover chicken and ground beef, topped with Ceil’s homemade salsa. For St. Patrick’s Day everyone brought in food, including some grilled chicken salad I’ll try. I brought in a veggie plate. Lots of cupcakes and cookies and chips that I’ll avoid, though I did have some sausage balls and deviled eggs.
C went over to Nancy’s. I watched a little TV and worked on the computer. I’m compiling Sports Illustrated’s list of the top 100 greatest sports moments.

Last night M was at a friend’s house so C and I went to the Avalon. It was packed for St. Patrick’s Day. Not sure if it’s not that busy most nights. C browsed in Anthropolie and Madewell and I checked out the Columbia store. C didn’t want Mexican so we wound up at Ted’s Montana Grill around 8:30. The place was crowded but most of the parties were finishing up and leaving. C got a chicken salad and I got a plain bison burger with a side salad. For a burger to be great the both the meat and bun have to be good, and this one was excellent. Salad was good as well. Everything was great except the paper straw.
Got home and worked a little on the computer. Soon it was 11 pm and I went to bed.
Did you hear Mark Crumpler and Marnie Mullen Crumpler are leaving Peachtree Presbyterian and moving to FPC in Bethlehem Pennsylvania? Rev Dr Marnie will be designated senior pastor / head of staff. Rev Dr Mark will be designated associate pastor for worship and formation. They have a teenage boy and girl.
Foods that increase your metabolism: apples, almonds, broccoli, low-fat plain yogurt, canned tuna, boiled soybeans, cottage cheese, beef jerky, blueberries, asparagus, cheese, avocado, egg whites, water, spinach salad, whey protein, oatmeal, lean meat.
Ways to increase testosterone: Lose weight. Eat good fats (nuts and salmon). Cut out alcohol. Stop stress (by working out). Lift weights to build muscle and boost testosterone levels.
Signs you have low testosterone: Mood swings – especially anger. Body fat. Hair loss. Losing strength (even though you’re working out). Fatigue and low energy (these can also be attributed to depression). Low sex drive. Erectile dysfunction. Depression (sadness/hopelessness). Loss of appetite. Weight change. Insomnia.

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