Friday, March 11, 2016

Tabloid Media

The AJC loves to post controversial stories on Facebook to garner website views as well as comments – especially about religion, Chickfila, or SunTrust Park. They updated their Andy Stanley Story but the headline did not include the fact he apologized. “Atlanta megachurch pastor under fire for selfish parents comments.” The first nine paragraphs detailed Andy’s original comments and the reaction to them. Old news. Buried in the tenth paragraph was the only newsworthy information, that Andy apologized – a full week earlier. Only the last three paragraphs dealt with the apology. The story spent the first 67% of the article rehashing the negative and only the last third on the new positive news. Typical AJC.
Worked til after 6:30 last night trying to get stuff done. Drove straight home. C cooked chicken stir fry, very good. She had walked with her friend Noelle and was tired from cleaning all day. M had gone over to a friend’s house and didn’t get home until after nine. We watched one of the Jason Bourne movies, which I have never seen before. Pretty good. It wasn’t super violent but more violent than what C is used to.

Had a dream last night that I was hanging out in Westside Atlanta, trying to do something on my laptop but being distracted by what was going on around me. The laptop was on my lap as opposed to a table, making it even harder to type. Scott Morris was walking around but I kept missing him. Then I saw Lang walking around talking to people and taking pictures. I was going to sneak up on him but he saw me and came over. I was still trying to finish something on my laptop but it was taking forever. Then I was trying to figure out what shoes to wear, finally picking a big pair of bright green Nikes. Probably wouldn’t have dreamed about shoes if Lang hadn’t been in the dream.

Got in to work a little late this am. Had to pick up Dialysis at the car shop. Coworker Jonathan’s wife should be having a baby this weekend.

Was taken to lunch today, to the Ruby Tuesday salad bar. Young co-worker Barbara went. We’ve been challenging each other to diet and exercise and not slip up. I had a better week than usual, exercising three of the past five days – including running this morning further than I had in a long time. Weather looks good for next week so I need to keep it up.

RaceTrac emailed me a coupon for a free energy drink. I’m all about free even though I’ve always avoided energy drinks. I sipped on it on the way to work this morning in between bites of Cheerios. Really opened up my lung cavities but made my stomach and head feel a little weird. I probably only need to drink them after exercising. I’ll let you know if I die.

Sounds like Barbara Goldsmith has improved a little.

Mental Tricks to Fight Fat: your brain dictates what and how much you eat – not your stomach.
1. Loud music signals your brain to drink 30% faster.
2. Stop thinking about losing weight (this doesn’t work for me). Know what snacks are healthy and eat them instead of something bad.
3. Mindset determines weight loss. Thinking you’re fat makes you heavier. Research shows that when you think your weight and lifestyle are OK you lose weight, lower your blood pressure, BMI, and waist to hip ratio. Convince yourself that you are active.
4. Ditch your scale (doesn’t work for me). Some studies do show that frequent weigh ins help dieters stay on track, though it may not be for everyone.
5. Stump your sense of smell. Just smelling food can slow the production of the chemical that relays the signal that you’re full. Smell grapefruit essential oil or mint.
6. Time your antioxidants. They keep your brain’s appetite center supplied with oxygen free radicals. Eat leafy greens, carrots, berries, and tomatoes to every meal. Eating them halfway through the meal revs up production of the hormone that tells you that you’re stomach if is full. Eat your salad with your dinner – eating antioxidants on an empty stomach ramps up your appetite.
7. Let go of the perfect you (my problem). Raises the changes you’ll binge eat. Instead focus on your small victories.
8. Fight brain fright. When you cut back calories your brain may go into fight or flight state because it’s afraid of starvation. Instead eat 5-6 smaller meals instead of 2-3 big ones.

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