Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Highest Trade Value

Sports Illustrated’s MLB players with the highest trade value, according to Jonah Keri. Ratings include not only the players performance and ability but also the player’s age, injury history, salary, and years left on his contract – factors most fans fail to consider.
Given Atlanta’s recent active trading history you wouldn’t expect any Braves on the list, and there aren’t. No Yankees or Padres, or Cardinals. But does Keri allow the flavor of the month teams more leeway? Sure appears that way, with five Cubs and four Astros. In fact good hit no field Cub OF/C Kyle Schwarber seems destined to become an AL DH, much like former Brave Evan Gaddis.
1 Angels Phillies Rangers Athletics Rays Royals Rockies
2 Nationals Twins Blue Jays Mariners Diamondbacks Giants Red Sox
3 Dodgers Marlins Mets White Sox Indians
4 Astros Pirates
5 Cubs
50 2B Roughned Odor Rangers
49 SP Taijuan Walker Mariners
48 SP Carlos Carrasco Indians
47 OF Byron Buxton Twins
46 C Salvador Perez Royals
45 OF Christian Yelich Marlins
44 SP Tyler Glasnow Pirates
43 SP Julio Urias Dodgers
42 SP Carlos Rodon White Sox
41 SP Lucas Giolito Nationals
40 39 2B Jose Altuve Astros
39 OF AJ Pollock Diamondbacks
38 SP Jake Arrieta Cubs
37 OF Starling Marte Pirates
36 SS JP Crawford Phillies
35 SP Felix Harnandez Mariners
34 SP Marcus Stroman Blue Jays
33 OF/C Kyle Schwarber Cubs
32 SS Addison Russell Cubs
31 OF George Springer Astros
30 SP Jose Fernandez Marlins
29 SP Matt Harvey Mets
28 OF Giancarlo Stanton Marlins
27 SP Dallas Keuchel Astros
26 C Buster Posey Giants
25 DH Miquel Sano Twins
24 1B Jose Abreu White Sox
23 SS Xander Bogaert Red Sox
22 SP Jacob Degrom Mets
21 SP Clayton Kershaw Dodgers
20 SP Sonny Gray Athletics
19 SP Gerrit Cole Pirates
18 SP Corey Kluber Indians
17 SP Noah Syndergaard Mets
16 SS Francisco Lindor Indians
15 3B Josh Donaldson Blue Jays
14 CF Mookie Betts Red Sox
13 SP Madison Bumgarner Giants
12 SP Chris Sale White Sox
11 SP Chris Archer Rays
10 OF Andrew McCutchen Pirates
09 3B Manny Machado Orioles
08 SS Corey Seager Dodgers
07 3B Nolan Aenado Rockies
06 1B Anthony Rizzo Cubs
05 3B Kris Bryant Cubs
04 1B Paul Goldschmidt Diamondbacks
03 OF Bryce Harper Nationals
02 SS Carlos Correa Astros
01 OF Mike Trout Angels
Trade value of these players bobbleheads is an entirely different matter.

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