Monday, March 28, 2016

SABR Meeting

SABR meeting Thursday night was good. 13 men (and one woman) of various ages. Five I had met in Cumming at Hot Stove Meetings. One guy ordered a salad when we were ordering beverages, then later ate fries that two guys didn't want. We chatted before and during dinner. One guy from Decatur read the same uniform bog as me. To my right a man from Stone Mountain was past president of the Braves 400 Club. He's played bagpipes at Turner Field several times.

The Hudson Grill is an upscale sports bar with scores of TVs. The food was good. My burger patty was excellent but the "white" bun not so much. The wheat bun on my neighbor's burger didn't look much better. I should've ordered a plain burger, as the bacon and bbq sauce added little to the taste. My small serving of potato salad was tasty. My neighbor's large servings of fries, tater tots, sweet potato fries, and chicken panini all looked good as well. The guys gave a thumbs down to the "New York" "cheesecake" which was too light and airy and fluffy to be considered authentic.

After dinner we were asked trivia questions. By my answers the guys knew I knew a little baseball. But I was shamed for guessing long time Oriole Mark Belanger was one of the franchises top 20 home run hitters.

After trivia Brian recapped his recent trip to the SABR meeting in Arizona. He went into great detail befitting the organization, though he admitted the Arizona meeting was filled with nerds.

Since NCAA games were showing on several of the big screen TVs, there was also much chatter about that. At 10:30 I finally made my leave. Not sure how long the guys stayed.

Didn't leave Friday morning until almost 11 am. While C and M were getting coffee in Athens I took Barney on a walk in a nice neighborhood.

Jam packed was Athens. CFA there for lunch. Friday night Mexican. Usually C and I split a Mexican plate. I saw a combo dinner with what she likes: a chalupa beans and rice. It also had a burrito and enchilada ( which I ate ) as well as a taco and some other dish (which we didn't).

Saturday I got a lot of miscellaneous stuff done on my computer. Cleaned up emails, read some articles I'd been saving, looked up some stuff I had been putting off, keyed in a bunch of Coke Rewards codes.

Hope Mullen Carter's son got married Saturday. My nephew's girlfriend's sister got married Saturday as well. What do you think about weddings on Easter weekend? Kinda like getting married on Christmas Eve? I know these days it's hard to coordinate a weekend when everyone is available.

C cooked lasagna Saturday night. After church Sunday we ate at the Hilltop Restaurant buffet. Had to wait an hour it get a big table. It was just ok. Carved ham and roast beef, salad, cole slaw, potato salad, hush puppies, beef tips, macaroni and cheese, broccoli casserole, turkey, and pumpkin pie was what I had. There was also breaded squash that looked good, dressing that didn't, green beans, mashed potatoes, and a lot of other stuff. After that I didn't eat supper.

Took Anna back to Athens. M and A got Willys. While there her friend John stopped by. We also saw her friend Alex. Got home for the last nine minutes of the NC/ND game. Well what do you think about the Final Four? I watched the end of the Syracuse game, as well as both games Saturday night. I'm not a big ND fan. I enjoyed watching Sabonis play.

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