Monday, March 21, 2016


Friday night after work C wanted to go to Costco. We got in the car and I remembered Joel Norman was hosting another house concert. She and M went and I stayed home. I was worn out from the week and didn't want to stand in a crowd of younger people for three hours, so I stayed home.

Saturday we drove down to Macon to celebrate my father's 85th birthday. C and I took Barney with us, so he was excited. Traffic through town was bad – we had to stop three times going through town. It didn't clear up until south of McDonough. Northbound traffic was worse, backed up south of Locust Grove. Tim Griggs was poking along at 3 MPH through downtown Atlanta.

We ate a late lunch at Cheddars with my parents and sister and her husband. Got a good grilled chicken salad, except the promised pecans were coated with a thick coating of sugar. How healthy is that? My mom and Ceil each got a bowl of taco soup loaded with chicken and taco shells. Ceil also got a vegetable plate. My dad and Nita got a battered and deep fried turkey and ham monte crisp-o. Brad got his usual burger and fries. For some season the burger was much bigger than the bun. After lunch we watched some of the NCAA tournament. Kansas looked strong. Duke not so much.

M had driven to a soccer game near DeFoors Ferry, and C was worried with us being out of town. After filling up for 1.83 per gallon he headed home at 6:40. I'd had enough of traffic, so we took the scenic route through downtown Forsyth and Barnesville over to Highway 41. Zero traffic, though I knew 19/41 would clog up as we neared Riverdale. So at Griffin we made a left onto Highway 93 to Fayetteville, up Old National Highway to 285, then around the west side of town. The trip may have been 10 miles longer, but it took probably less time than going through town. C wanted a Starbucks, and I cashed in a coupon for a grilled chicken Chickfila. Had I added some sauce it wouldn't have tasted as bland.

After a late Friday night at her sorority spring formal, Saturday night Anna came back to downtown Atlanta for an event at Grace Midtown. They hit Krispy Kreme on the way back. M made it home by 9:30 after getting turned around in Decatur.

Sunday Ceil attended her ladies Sunday School class, and sat next to Barbara Adair. I went to the 8:30 traditional service, making my way from the back up the side to an empty pew near the front. As we sang hymns I noticed a large young man in front of me, dressed in a dark suit with a dark shirt and tie. Halfway down the pew was a slender young man, also in a dark suit but a white shirt. In front of them was a taller young man, also in a dark suit. In front of the tall guy was a short bearded young man, in a dark suit but no tie. They were spread out so it didn't look like they were together, but I thought it odd so many nicely dressed young men were sitting by themselves so early in the morning. Then they all got up and took the stage to sing. They were together!

Saw Joe and Anita Girardeau at JFBC. They had attended the party Saturday for Rob Suggs that I had missed. Drew Kelly was at the party, as was all three of Rob's brothers: Joe, Steve, and Jim. It would've been good to see those guys, but I was in Macon.

I didn't have breakfast so when he got home I fixed a PB&J. Lunch was another grilled chicken sandwich. Lazy day. In the middle of last night on of the smoke alarms started chirping to indicate a low battery. This had Barney all out of sorts. I had to get up and determine which smoke alarm was chirping, climb up, and disable it. The first time I got up the chirping stopped for about ten minutes.

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