Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Amazon's Jack Ryan

Worked until 5:30 Friday. Stopped by Wendy’s for a single cheeseburger, crispy chicken sandwich, and small Frosty. Took the dogs out. Watched a little Braves and a couple more episodes of Amazon’s Jack Ryan. Also played on my laptop and deleted emails.
Saturday morning I worked upstairs, putting up clothes, matching socks, making the bed, etc. Took out the dogs. Late breakfast of leftovers. Had on ESPN College Gameday. Started some laundry and washed the dishes. Watched UGA/Mizzou. Went to Kroger at halftime. Got backed and cooked and ate a frozen pizza. Then during the rest of the UGA game, and during the entire GT/Clemson game I ironed dress shirts, a total of ten of them. Also watched the end of the Braves clincher, and some of the Tour Championship.
Saturday night I watched the remaining episodes of Jack Ryan. Good. Not sure what it really said about Islam, whether it was good or bad. Did not mention or address Christianity at all, not that it should have. Kinda weird when Jack’s Muslim boss told Jack that he wanted the same for Jack what he himself benefitted from the religion. My favorite part of the Jack Ryan was when Jack shot the Washington Nationals fan.
Our Sunday School uses an app to share prayer requests. I see the conversations but had yet to participate. At 2:45 am Sunday morning I had just returned to bed when my phone pinged. If someone had a need in the middle of the night, perhaps I needed to check. One of our co-teachers and his son had been in a taxi on the way to the airport to return to the United States, when the police stopped the taxi, detained the driver, and took off with the keys. They were in danger of missing their flight, and in danger with the taxi stopped in the left lane. Knowing he might not get a response, I replied and played. The next morning several people asked what I was doing up at that late hour.
After Sunday School I stopped by Wendy’s, Dollar Tree, and a thrift store. W&MC’s flight home was delayed. I cleaned up, watched the Falcons and Braves, and took a nap. Left at three for the airport, with Okie. As I passed SunTrust Park on 285 Will texted that they had just landed. I was still just five minutes early to our rendezvous point. They had three backpacks and two big bags. Dropped them at their apartment, stopped by two thrift stores, and by Whole Foods to see Matthew.   
Ceil had arrived home while I was gone. She walked Barney and fixed grits and eggs for supper. We watched a Hallmark Channel movie and a good chunk of Lions/Patriots.
I worked until 6:30 Monday night. M was out with friends. C had gone grocery shopping and baked a BBQ chicken. Also baked potato wedges and tossed a salad. Helped clean up.
Played on my laptop and watched The Voice and the premiere of Manifest, the show about the flight that landed five years after it took off. Ceil went to bed at 10:30, but it had just started getting good by then.  
When I started at Tull in 1987 I was an hourly employee. Salespeople got “Chinese overtime.” The more OT you worked, the lower the rate per hour was. At some point in the 90’s I became an salaried employee. Didn’t work much OT except when I traveled in the early 2000’s. But I had a boss who fought to get me periodic raises and got me to the top of my pay grade. Then in 2008 my bad boss forced me into a lateral move with no raise, into a position that required lots of overtime I wasn’t getting paid for. But a couple of years later after the bad boss was fired, my new boss (the Ogre) switched me back to hourly. That really helped. I try to not take advantage of overtime, which is now normal OT. My goal is to leave before six every day, but sometimes that isn’t possible. Sometimes I work late, but other times I leave early, for games or like last week when I was taking care of the dogs.
When he graduated from Miami of Ohio (alma mater of Woody Hayes, Bo Schembechler, and Ara Parseghian), Sean McVay landed a job as assistant receivers coach with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers under head coach Jon Gruden. Next he worked for Gruden’s brother, then the Redskins – working his way up from assistant tight ends coach to offensive coordinator. Then the Rams named him the youngest head coach in the NFL.

Tiger is making news for his performance of the course, unlike Colin Kaepernick. Seems like Sports Illustrated has a story about Kaepernick in every issue, which is a lot considering he hasn’t played in a game since 2016. Even Michael Jordan never received such publicity. Maybe they should change the name of the magazine to Kaepernick Illustrated.
Sports Illustrated made a bigger deal about Serena’s US Open mid-match protest (i.e. “loss”) than it did Naomi Osaka’s victory. But overall, veteran writer S.L. Price’s recap was fair and balanced, for the most part sticking to the facts and staying away from editorializing. He seemed to quote more Serena supporters than detractors, but did list several of Serena’s past outbursts. At least Kaepernick had the decency to never protest during a game. Never did 1968 Olympic medalists John Carlos and Tommie Smith, who waited until after they were finished competing.
Wouldn’t surprise me to see Sports Illustrated name Kaepernick or Serena as their Sportsman of the Year, when in fact Osaka’s graceful response to Serena’s show-stealing was more exemplary of how a true sportsperson behaves.
My scrapbook calendars date back to the 1980’s. Perhaps my grandkids will one day treasure those things. Actually in Monday night’s Hallmark Channel movie they discovered grandmother’s old handwritten cookbook with all her recipes, and a letter and photo from her grandson. I thought they would frame the letter and photo, but they did use the recipes. Happy Fall!

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