Sunday, September 09, 2018

Sept 4 Jersey Parade

Lots of jerseys to see last Tuesday at SunTrust Park.
You never see enough Madduxes. This one might've been a Cub. 
This guy perfectly represented all the Boston fans in attendance.
Huge number but the font is correct. From China?
More huge numbers. Lots of Mookies.
Seems like many don't care about the authenticity.
The same three dudes, plus an Andrelton.
What's he doing here?
Horribly inauthentic.
Time for St. Nick to beef up for Christmas.
Several Boston Braves Babe Ruth jerseys, most of dubious authenticity.
Yaz. Were I to lower myself and get a Red Sox jersey,
I'd have to pick from Tim Wakefield, Tony C, Dom DiMaggio, Yaz, or Ted Williams.
Gwinnett jersey auction? Looks like a Jimmy Buffett Night.
Another big number, with small letters.
A Jim Rice jersey on a tall white dude don't look right.
Saw just one Roger.
And one Schilling. Kudos for originality.
Not sure who Flaco is.
Interesting. Acuna on a 1982 road jersey from China.
Surely the only one ever made.
I haven't been to Dale Murphy's restaurant yet.
Perhaps you can buy this jersey there.
Memorial Day jersey with matching cap.
Teddy Ballgame.
Not as many Pedroia's as there used to be.
Lots of Papi jerseys. One or two green St. Patrick's jerseys.
A red Murphy in the background. And a Maddux.
A group from Denmark High in Forsyth County,
named after Will's first pediatrician.
Former Dodger closer Eric Gagne.
One of the better Big Papi jerseys.
That's my man Kevin in the navy shirt
between #41 and the dude in bright blue.
This little guy has a unique jersey. He was at the game with his dad. Hopefully he has a little brother to pass it down to.
More Mookie
I should've struck up a conversation with this old bat.
The stories she could tell.
A nicer (but still fake) Pats jersey.

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