Friday, September 21, 2018

Jersey Collection

I have finally made peace with wearing a jersey to a ball game. I love seeing a jersey hanging in my closet, though these days they certainly don’t look good on me. Now I have enough. Almost. What I can’t believe is all the jerseys I used to have, that I’ve sold on eBay – almost one hundred.
03 red 1980 Braves Dale Murphy BP jersey China 16.00
03 light blue 1982 Braves Dale Murphy jersey tee SGA 00.00
04 black Falcons Brett Favre jersey China 22.00
08 cream 1963 Braves Bob Uecker jersey China 25.00
09 black Cincinnati Bengals Carson Palmer game jersey 6.00
16 black UGA baseball tee thrift 06.00
21 red Hawks road Dominique Wilkens thrift 3.00
21 orange Central Chargers jersey earned 0.00
22 navy Braves road Jason Heyward jersey thrift 06.00
23 pinstriped Cubs jersey from fantasy camp 0.00
44 white Braves Hank Aaron jersey tee SGA 00.00
44 black Falcons Vic Beasley jersey tee thrift 06.00
82 green Braves spring training Ronald Acuna St. Patrick’s China 16.00
00 grey Braves road jersey thrift 06.00
00 dark grey Braves road jersey thrift 06.00
00 white Braves feather jersey Marshalls 20.00
$138.00 / 16 jerseys = $8.63 each
I’d like to add:
34 red UGA Herschel Walker jersey
42 red pinstripe 1976 Braves Scott Patterson jersey
21 gold Georgia Tech Calvin Johnson jersey
Two regrets: (1) found a brand new 1976 red pinstriped Phil Niekro “Knucksie” jersey on the clearance rack at Marshalls and didn’t get it, and (2) a Bobby Dews jersey in the Turner Field game worn store.
I’ve sold most of the odd football jerseys I’ve found at thrift stores over the years, including:
00 pinstriped home Yankees jersey
00 grey Reds road jersey
00 rainbow Astros jersey
00 MLB all star game BP jersey
00 green Oakland A’s jersey
00 Boston College hockey sweater
00 white Thrashers sweater (2)
00 brown Thrashers sweater
00 red Montreal Canadians sweater
00 blue New York Rangers sweater
00 red Detroit Red Wings sweater
00 blue vintage hockey sweater
00 purple Mighty Ducks sweater
00 white Cleveland Indians jersey
00 navy Cubs throwback jersey
00 cream Cardinals throwback jersey
00 orange NL ASG BP jersey
00 green Tulane baseball jersey
00 navy Mariners jersey
01 white LA Dodgers jersey
01 red Falcons jersey
01 light blue Braves jersey
02 red Falcons Matt Ryan (2)
04 green Packers Brett Favre jersey
05 navy USA basketball David Robinson
05 white Oregon Ducks football jersey
05 green Oregon Ducks football jersey
06 purple Clemson Charlie Whitehurst
07 red Braves Jeff Francoeur jersey
07 navy Denver Broncos John Elway
07 black Steelers Ben Roethlisberger
08 navy Indians Albert Belle jersey
08 white Cowboys Troy Aikman
08 red 49ers Steve Young
08 navy Knicks Latrell Sprewell
08 black White Sox Bo Jackson
09 navy Bears Jim McMahon
10 white Braves Chipper Jones
10 navy Braves Chipper Jones
10 white New York Giants Eli Manning
11 white Cardinals Larry Fitzgerald
12 white Jets Joe Namath
12 blue Patriots Tom Brady
12 white Carolina Panthers jersey
13 aqua Dolphins Dan Marino
13 black Falcons Joey Harrington
13 white Falcons Joey Harrington
14 white Georgia Tech Joe Hamilton
15 blue Florida Gators Tim Tebow jersey
15 blue Kansas City Kings jersey
16 red Kansas City Chiefs Len Dawson
16 blue Royals Bo Jackson
16 orange Baltimore Orioles jersey
17 white Saints Jim Everett throwback
18 white Peyton Manning Pro Bowl jersey
18 blue Colts Peyton Manning
19 green Eagles 1960 throwback jersey
20 green pinstripe Phillies Mike Schmidt
20 blue Lions Barry Sanders jersey
21 powder blue Chargers Ladanian Tomlinson (2)
23 red Bulls Michael Jordan (2)
23 white Cavaliers Lebron James
24 black UGA Knowshon Moreno
24 pinstripe Reds jersey
24 navy Braves Mark Teixeira
25 white Syracuse Chiefs jersey
27 purple Kansas State baseball jersey
28 purple Minnesota Vikings Adrian Peterson
28 navy Brewers Prince Fielder
30 navy Broncos Terrell Davis
31 lime green Hawks Jason Terry 
32 red 49ers OJ Simpson jersey
32 black Falcons Jamal Anderson
32 white Arizona Cardinals jersey
32 white Auburn football jersey
33 navy Rucker basketball jersey
33 teal Pistons Grant Hill jersey
33 white Cowboys Williams
33 white Red Sox Jason Varitek
34 purple Suns Charles Barkley
34 navy Auburn Bo Jackson
37 white Braves home jersey
42 white Washington Bullets Jerry Stackhouse
42 red Falcons Gerald Riggs
42 green Rucker jersey tee
44 blue Braves feather shirt
45 black White Sox Michael Jordan
47 white Utah Jazz Andre Kirilenko
51 white Mariners Ichiro Suzuki
54 navy Bears Brian Urlacher
54 white Browns Chris Spielman
80 red 49ers Jerry Rice
80 black Raiders Jerry Rice
86 navy Bears Marty Booker
88 white Colts jersey

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