Sunday, September 16, 2018

The Week in Pictures

W&MC flew to Vegas Friday night, toured the city on Saturday,
then headed east to Arizona.
 Last night Ceil baked an apple pie.

 Today W&MC were hiking and camping
on the north rim of the Grand Canyon.
Too often I am unkind. How bout you?
 One of these four dishes included maple syrup in the recipe.

 MC (above), Anna (below)

Grace Athens, where Anna interns, recently started holding their worship services in the Georgia Theater in downtown Athens.
Ceil's hometown had power outages due to the storm.
On Richard's farm the usual tickle of a creek was a raging rapid.
We used to play paintball out in these woods
at Thanksgiving and Christmas.
A classic design. I used to have a black pair, and a young friend gave me his white pair with blue trim when he outgrew them. Wore them for years.

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