Sunday, September 30, 2018


Yesterday Will and I played nine holes at Chandler Park.
I picked him up just after seven.
The sun was coming up just as we were teeing off.
First hole: teeing off into the mist.
I hit two decent drives, both right, but both in bounds.
It was the first time I had hit a golf ball in over a year.
View looking back from the first green back toward the clubhouse.
I also hit a decent approach,
and my chip landed an inch from the cup.
I also hit several cruddy shots.
Second hole: hit my tee shot out of bounds.
Dropped a ball and hit an eight iron onto the green.
Decent lag putt.
View from the second green looking back at the tee.
Although there was dew on the fairways,
greenskeepers had removed the dew from the greens.
The third hole, a short par three.
Both Will and I hit tee shots just short of the green.
Third hole,, looking back at the tee.
Will's chip shot rolled just past the hole and stopped at my feet.
Fourth hole, a longer par three.
This is where the improvements to Chandler Park really show.
The trees behind the green and to the left didn't used to be there.
The area was open to see the playground beyond the green to the right, and the fifth tee to the left.
My tee shot rolled off the hill on the right down next to the green,
leaving a short chip shot onto the green.
At the fifth tee a road race was about to begin,
starting on the street running adjacent to the 5th and 6th fairways,
then making a left onto the trail running next to the 6th green, 7th tee, 8th green, and 9th tee.
Sixth hole: my tee shot was short, but in the fairway.
View from the fifth hole looking back at the tee,
and the runners preparing to start the race.
Sixth hole: a small lake has been added to the left of the tee box.
Just my luck to finally hit two tee shots low and straight.
in other conditions they might've rolled to a decent position,
but both found the water. My third mulligan went far, but right.
Sixth hole looking back at the tee.
I did hit a dent approach shot and chip,
but made several poor shots as well, of course.
Seventh hole: view from the fairway looking back at the tee box.
Trees have grown up to block the view of the drainage ditch.
Will's tee shot hit the tree to the left, and mine hit the tree on the right.
Fortunately mine rolled out on the fairway.
Seventh hole: view from the fairway looking at the green,
with the first fairway and green in the distance.
I did hit a good approach, but poor chips and putts.
I forgot to take pictures of the eighth hole.
I did make a good drive and approach.
Below is the view from the ninth tee,
with runners jogging past to our right.   
 An accidental snapshot.

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