Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Subaru Forester

Just a weekend of car searching for me. Went home Friday and jumped on the internet, looking at cars. Had on the Braves game and Forrest Gump.

Left out at 9 am Saturday morning on my search, actually a little later than I’d wanted. Stopped by Taco Bell for a breakfast burrito and the thrift store in the same shopping center. At the first dealership on Cobb Parkway the first car I looked at just happened to be the cheapest Honda Civic in town. Low miles but it was a two door. Gave me a good idea of the variety of what’s out there, and what prices.

Then a few miles down the road to a second dealership. 2016 Civic low miles at a decent price. There are three to choose from around town, but none in my favorite color white. Stopped by three more thrift stores in and around Marietta, then drove up to Woodstock. While there I found a cool Hawks jacket and Braves t-shirt, both brand new. Made it home after 2 pm for most of the second half of the Tech game.
Later I took M’s car to the service station for steering fluid, then back home for GA/SC. While watching I did the dishes and some laundry. Did more car research. Then Clemson/Texas A&M and Braves/DBacks. Was after midnight before I went to bed.

Had planned on attending Sunday School, but had lots of car ideas to check out. I couldn’t see the top car on Saturday, and by Sunday had mixed emotions about it. Spoke to Ceil and Anna. Had on a replay of the US Open women’s final, so I’d know firsthand what the fuss was all about. After that a replay of Clemson/A&M to make sure I had the right take on the QB situation.
Ceil got home at two. At three I drove down to check out a Subaru Forester for Anna. Just wasn’t sure, and I knew I didn’t know what I wanted for myself. Got home and turned on the Braves. Big ninth inning. Later Ceil went to Whole Foods. Super was grilled chicken, small baked potatoes, and kale. Popeye never ate kale, and he turned out just fine. M ate his refried beans and rice with us. Watched some Bears/Packers before bed.

Ceil returned Sunday. Her mom is better. Today will be transferred to an assisted living facility next to the hospital, in Monroe NC, about 25 miles from Jefferson SC. She’ll have to regain more strength (eat more) before returning home. Ceil said she was eating better/more while in the hospital.

Monday: Worked until almost 6:30. Ceil fixed two new recipes. One had carrots, apples, and rice, with a little maple syrup mixed in. Another dish had sweet potato and other ingredients. Both were good. Also a tossed salad and grilled chicken. Flipped around on TV. Watched some of a movie with Diane Keaton, Mandy Moore, and Lorilei from Gilmore Girls. We didn’t finish supper until almost nine, so it was a short evening. Watched a little Monday Night Football and the start of the Braves game.

Did I tell you I hate buying cars? Left work at 4:45. Got to the dealer and checked out the car again. On Monday I had a mechanic check it out. All used cars have issues. This one checked out ok, but still a few bugs. This was the car Anna wanted, a black 2011 Subaru Forester. Decent price. A little more miles than I would’ve liked. A cool car.

So that took care of Anna’s car. Now I have to figure out what I’m going to do about my car. My car is running ok but is a ticking time bomb. I know one thing: I’m taking this weekend off from looking.

Was on Buford Highway so I had Will and MC come help me transport two cars back home. Picked up Ceil and we ate at Taqueria Tsunami, a relatively new place in East Cobb. MC for fish tacos. C, W, and I got bowls. Lots of food: chicken in a cheese sauce, rice and black beans, and greens. I mixed it all together. Real good.

Got home after nine. Watched another Mandy Moore movie and the Braves. They lead the division by 6-1/2 games with 17 games to go (six vs the Phillies).
My Brett Favre Falcons jersey came in the mail, so I’m ready for the football season. Not 100% accurate, but close enough. 
Someone called Serena not just the greatest women’s athlete, but the greatest athlete of all time period, male or female. Not sure how well she would have excelled had she chosen decathlon or basketball. Pretty sure Maya Moore, Teresa Edwards, or Marion Jones could’ve schooled her, not to mention Bo Jackson, Jim Thorpe, Michael Jordan, Lebron James, or Herschel Walker.

Braves: it was real funny when Ender couldn’t get a bunt down so he hit the long home run. Baseball is played differently these days with all the shifts, and so many walks, strikeouts, and home runs. Much more fun the old way of putting it in play. Pitchers throw so hard but don’t throw as many innings. They’d rather throw hard than have control. That’s not how Maddux and Glavine and Neikro made it to the hall of fame, nor current Cy Young winners Kershaw and Scherzer. I was thinking about that this weekend.

Earlier in a game Saturday or Sunday Joe Simpson was railing on that same point. Freddie reached base by making contact, and later scored when Markakis made contact. Seems like the Cardinals and Giants always played to make contact, and when the Rockies swept the Braves not long ago it was because the kept making contact.

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