Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day Weekend Recap

Friday was Matthew’s Practice, small group, and then picking up Will from his Six Flags Thursday night sleepover near Jim R Miller Park…Anna was sleeping over Friday night.

Saturday Matthew has a nice 2 run inside the park HR in his only at bat…he hit it hard and ran hard all the way. He played pitcher two innings, but didn’t get a ball hit to him. He had a rare outfield error, not stopping a grounder. He usually gets those…I was surprised. They won, but Will’s rec team lost while Ceil worked concessions. After the game I took Matthew and Will to Wendys and QT to beat the heat.

Will’s team won their 3:30 game, and he hit it hard each time up, including a long ground-rule double to left-center…a nice line drive that one-hopped the fence. After the game we went back to the smaller field, for a birthday party for Matthew’s teammate Lucas. Will and his friend Zach were surrounded by a field full of little kids, it looked funny. Fun party. Didn’t get home til 9 pm…long day.

The guy at NP did a nice job singing Johnny cash’s ‘Ring of Fire’. Went to PF Changs for lunch, then Ceil did some running around, so the only weekend Braves game I see is Sunday. Matthew started feeling sick at lunch. When we got home he went straight to the couch, and stayed there until 1:30 this morning, except to throw up twice. He’s never stayed still for that long. Anna went swimming with friends, and we were headed to Blockbuster when we saw you. Last night I watched Cobb, the Tommy Lee Jones movie.

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