Friday, May 04, 2007

Slow Friday

I hate it that our basketball goal doesn’t have a net. It was hard to tell when I bought the thing, but it didn’t come with a rim with the standard net loops welded on…instead it had these cheap plastic clips that kept coming off and getting lost. I would tape them up there with duct tape, but they wouldn’t stay on. I need to get a new rim at least, if not a whole new goal. Will lowered the height so he could dunk, and I recently noticed it’s starting to break. Anna and Matthew will play occasionally.

As talented as Robin Williams is, I like him much better as an actor than for his comedy. We saw Night at the Museum, which was good. I was surprised that Mickey Rooney and Dick Van Dyke had major roles.

Seems like it was the regular packed crowd for Dave Ramsey…not like an Easter crowd or anything. He does do a good job, and the way he speaks ‘Southern’ and is funny makes him easy to listen to. I’d been meaning to listen to hear him plug the appearance, but I only have been turning it on when it’s about time for him to go off and the Braves to come on. I'd like to go see Smoltz/Maddux, but I checked and Will has a Wednesday night game next week.

Listened to the book ‘Rich Dad/Poor Dad…What the rich teach their children, and the poor and middle class do not’ good read…a lot of truth to it. Had Will listen to some of it, and maybe we’ll go over it more.

Big discussion last night on Uni-Watch regarding the stirrups worn on the Simpsons various baseball episodes. Some readers quoted the lyrics to the Simpsons remake of the ‘Talkin Baseball’ song, discussing the exploits of the guest star in that episodes…Steve Sax, Strawberry, Clemens, etc.

Wild about Langerhans being traded again…this was also discussed at Uni-Watch. Evidently the Nats had long coveted Langerhans, but didn’t think the Braves would trade within their division. The guy the Nats traded to the A’s used to play for Seattle, who wouldn’t deal with Oakland.

Will was selected for the leadership training program at his Living Science School, though he doesn’t know it yet. With more and more kids attending they have to be more selective, but he made the cut…along with Joel Norman and baseball teammate Andrew. Willis and David Norman are already leaders.

Wednesday Will, Anna, Matthew, and I played ball outside for a long time…the boys against Anna and me. Last night Matthew took some swings against the hitting stick. Hopefully he’ll have a strong finish.

Had a good, fun, and productive intersquad game last night. Got the guys to pitch and catch who usually don’t, and pitched Josiah an inning, after he had a shaky outing Tuesday. Only one dad was there to help, but it went fine. If I say that more and more of the guys are hitting then tomorrow the bats will go quiet, but throughout the year the bottom of the order has continued to be almost as productive as the top. Hopefully Will is getting some confidence back at the plate after his mini-slump.

The kids are going with friends to a field day today while Ceil goes down near the airport for a home school conference. Matthew has practice this afternoon, then we have small group. Three games tomorrow (2 W, one M), then Ceil and I are supposed to go out. Hopefully Sunday not much is going on. Should be a quiet day at work today.

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