Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Our Matthew

Matthew is funny. He didn’t take to violin lessons, but that was a few years ago. He likes having teammates on the baseball team and fastidiously keeps up with his batting gloves. Last year he did well making solid contact at the plate, this year the effort’s not there. This weekend they found some good pitchers, which may help. (last night at BP Ceil said he hit well). I didn’t think he’d really want to advance to kid-pitch baseball next year anyway, but we’ll see.

He likes his Upstreet class at North Point…one of his best friends from our small group is in there with him. But at first he was hesitant to go. In June I think they’ll promote, so we’ll see how that goes. He likes Kidstuf, and I think Charlotte will as well (there’s plenty of adult humor slipped in to keep parents interested as well). Matthew hated the few times we visited Johnson Ferry, barely tolerating his Sunday School class. I thought he might like children’s choir, but since it’s at Johnson Ferry, he wants no part of it.

He enjoyed hanging out with the older boys on the Jekyll trip, and got involved checking out all the critters they found. He’s all boy when it comes to stuff like that, spending hours barefoot playing down in our creek with neighbor boys, exploring the woods, riding bikes, playing video games, and playing with toy people and animals. He was an earlier reader and draws a lot…also making things from paper and other materials (people, animals, baseball cards, phones, remotes, etc.). He actually might like something like Boy Scouts, huh?

He just does what he wants, and doesn’t do what he doesn’t want…tender at some times and obstinate others.

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