Wednesday, April 07, 2010

The J-Hey Kid

I’m as excited about Heyward as the next guy, but it appears thousands of bandwagon fans have forgotten two things…

1. There was similar hoopla several years ago, about another rookie rightfielder for the Braves, who homered in his first game, was a high draft pick from a local high school, who played at East Cobb, who was a leading rookie of the year candidate, who often swung at the first pitch. Years later most fans either hadn’t realized he was the least productive MLB outfielder, or they were glad to see him go.

2. In last season’s opening game yet another heralded rookie outfielder homered, in his first MLB game. Days later he hurt his wrist, and he’s still not back to full strength.

Fans are quick to move on to the next big thing. Heyward comes across as a big kid, which is just fine. I’m not that crazy about his flat-brimmed hat, which seemed to be worn slightly off-center.

Friday Ceil & the kids weren’t ready to go to SC until 6:30, due to last minute Easter shopping and extra play rehearsals. We didn’t arrive until after midnight. On one isolated stretch of backroads I saw just as many varmits (deer and possum) as I did cars.

Will hit golf balls Saturday until his hands were blistered, at our uncle’s farm. Anna and I hit a bunch as well. Later I walked around the town three times…once with Ceil, and twice with Matthew. Made me miss the Butler win, then I fell asleep during the Duke game.

Washed both cars last night before 24 last night. Will watched the game down the street at his friend Preston ’s house.

After Zoubec made the first foul shot late in the NCAA final, I thought he would need to make the second, because Butler only had time to take a 3-point shot. Butler was out of time outs, so they’d have to inbound the ball. I noticed that during the tourney several teams employed the same strategy…miss the foul shot and make the opponent create something if they got the rebound. There were at least two buzzer beater game winners during the tourney.

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