Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Sickness

Found an interesting shirt at Goodwill that I couldn’t pass up, that still had the manufacturer’s tags on it. A button-front, collared “dress shirt. Blue front and back, white collar and sleeves. “Braves” stitched on the front, like a jersey, with “44” on the lower left. Big “44” on the back. On the sleeves, down near the cuff, are the distinctive Braves feathers. Made in Turkey . Bet Will wants to wear it. Some people like fancy new cars. I collect junk like this. One day I’ll stop.

Pictures of the skit (and trip) are beginning to surface on Facebook. I got to see only one night of the skit in person, but the pictures of other nights show a lot. I was amazed with how far they went with the costumes. You can see them on Will or Anna’s profile. Several pictures of them, Ceil, Matthew, DJ, Alyssa, and the Hurt girls. Every time Matthew goes on one of those trips, his voice gets deeper.

In the Sports Illustrated with Sam Bradford on the cover, one of the full page pictures near the front is of a high school baseball team warming up on Chattanooga ’s historic Engel Field. That’s the field where Will got to play a few years ago, where as a freshman he almost pitched a six-inning no hitter.

I keep telling myself, and others, that the Braves bats will come around. Lots of Cox chatter so far this year, on places like ESPN and USA Today.

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