Friday, August 26, 2011

"Casual" Friday

On today’s “casual” America: Some people wear shorts to NP, which I just can’t do. NP keeps the AC low to keep people from dressing too casually, but it doesn’t always work. Some people do have the Bible on their phones.

Not long ago I saw a story on the national news about people dressing too casually at work. Flip flips, etc. One “lady” in our office walks around barefoot, or in fluffy houseshoes. Takes naps on the couch in the women’s restroom (she has a pillow and blanket at her desk). When we had the final weigh-in for the weight loss contest, she practically disrobed. She did win.

Others don’t wear socks, even when it’s not casual Friday. On casual Friday you can pay to wear jeans and tennis shoes. The money goes to charity. I never do…not just because I’m cheap, but I don’t consider any of my jeans to be nice enough for work. Some wear their sneakers un-tied. The VP’s rarely wear jeans, and never sneakers. I eat lunch at my desk, though I shouldn’t.

While coaching Matthew’s team this fall, I’m leaving my phone in my car. It’s one thing to be in the stands, another on the field. I never see the “good” coaches checking their phone on the field. I dislike using the phone in stores or restaurants. When I pass a poor driver, usually they’re on the phone. Happens every day. tennis matches are another place where decorum has gone out the window. Students today are constantly distracted by their phones.

This summer Will’s classmate Alyssa completed Basic Training, and entered West Point. She’s on the Army tennis team. They’re headed to Flushing to help out at the US Open, particularly the Arthur Ashe kid’s day. It’s been interesting to see photos of her shooting machine guns and marching in rank.

I’m discovering that Will wastes no time making decisions (like in baseball). He quit his job at the golf course. Had he kept it, he would’ve had hardly any time to study. Still don’t know if they couldn’t work with him, or let him work two days a week. David Norman does work the heavy schedule. This fall DJ’s yard business is counting on Will to be a major player, and I think that also pays well.

Joel Norman is auditioning for a play, a musical.

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