Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Big Checks Are Always Good

Here’s a photo of Will accepting his Student of the Week award from WCNN radio personality Chuck Oliver (the King of College Football). There was a Collins Hill football player there accepting his award as well. Chuck walked in and after a little chit chat, recited all the particulars of both boys from memory, adding interesting tidbits about each…how Collins Hill plays in the most competitive region in the state, and how East Cobb is the most competitive place to play baseball. Chuck remembered most of Will’s facts correctly.

Interestingly, both Will and the Collins Hill teen are going to study Biology, with plans on attending Med School.

Found out that Joel Norman has landed a role in The Sound of Music, in a production being put on at Fred O Pitt’s church on North Druid Hills Road. He plays the messenger boy, in love with the oldest Von Trapp daughter. Together they’ll sing “You are Sixteen, Going on Seventeen.” Joel said that’s the song he always wanted to sing. I’m sure Cindy Pitts is involved, as well as some of their kids. Don’t know when the performances are.

Getting the new cabinet doors and drawers put in our kitchen starting Wednesday. I think Friday the new countertops and sink are being installed. We spent Tuesday night cleaning out the kitchen for the workmen.

This past Friday we all ate at the Olive Garden in Roswell. Ceil and I had the Capellini Pomodoro (a spaghetti type dish). Anna had her usual Fettuccine Alfredo (that’s what she eats when we have spaghetti at home). Will had the Tour of Italy combo plate, and Matthew had a good-looking pepperoni pizza. We all had lots of leftovers, except for Will.

Took Anna to Chipotle last Tuesday. Ceil stayed home, ate leftovers, and watched Will’s Passion Conference on-line. When she went last Tuesday she got to hear Beth Moore speak. Hopefully Will didn’t coughing too much at his conference. Anna had to watch “What Not to Wear” so I missed a good chunk of the Sugar Bowl.

Seems like now the Hawks are playing every night. Perhaps by the time Heinrich returns, Teague will have established himself.

Really busy at work, getting pricing in place for 2012. Found out my department is moving upstairs. We’ll be sharing space with accounting. I’ll actually have less steps to climb throughout the day. I’ll miss having all the young salespeople to entertain me. There’s a decent amount of coughing here at work.

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