Friday, January 13, 2012

Jan 12 Trivia

Will and Joel had a table full at trivia last night, so Becky, Willis, and I formed out own team. Will knows I always write down all the questions and answers, so I think he tried to peek a couple of times. In the first half we did well, answering all three 5 and 3 point questions (and the halftime question), and only missing the 3 one point questions. We were 5 points ahead of Will & Joel, and 2 points behind the leader’s perfect score.

In the second half we again answered 6 of 9 questions, but missed 2 six-pointers. Still, we finished in 4th place with 69 points, seven ahead of Will & Joel. Had we made better decisions on how many point to bet on which question, we could’ve finished third.

MUSIC: What M word describes the thrashing and dancing taking place in the area in front of a concert stage? We all knew: MOSHING. Five points.

FAMOUS PEOPLE: What kid’s show host titled his book “You Are Special?” Willis made me answer: Mr. Rogers. Three points.

HUMAN BODY: What organ houses the Arugula and Thalamus? We didn’t know, but it was the brain. We only missed out on one point.

HISTORY: What US President had the shortest life? I knew it was JFK. Five points.

FOOD: What P word stands for the measure of 1/8 teaspoon of a dry ingredient? Becky and I knew…a pinch. Three points. All ten teams got this right.

COFFEE: On average, how many beans come from a coffee cherry? We missed the “average” part, and guessed one. It was two.

SCIENCE: Name the flat image displayed in three dimensions. Willis knew: HOLOGRAM. Five points.

GEOGRAPHY: Where are the ancient ruins of Motsupichu? Willis knew: The lost city of Peru.

PSYCHOLOGY: What original term for bipolar disorder has fallen out of favor? Becky thought Skitsophrenia. Willis answered split personality disorder. It was manic depressive disorder.

HALFTIME: We put our heads together and got all five state capitals correct: Idaho (Boise), LA (Baton Rouge), Nevada (Carson City), Texas (Austin), and West Virginia (Charleston).

ANIMALS: What poisonous snake’s black, red, and yellow bands are mimicked on the harmless milk snake? Willis knew immediately: the coral snake. Six points. Several times he’s scribble an answer, then turn and reach out his long arm to hand in his answer. All the other teams had to stand up and walk.

SPORTS: What disorder did Muhammad Ali acquire after years of boxing? I knew: Parkinson’s. Four points.

GEORGIA: What Georgia city is where the Girl Scouts of America is founded? I thought Rome, but Becky knew: Savannah. Two points.

RELIGION: What country boasts the largest number of Catholics? Could it be the US? I suggested Mexico, and Willis thought that sounded better than Brazil. We wagered six points, though Becky thought we should wager less. It was Brazil.

LANGUAGE: What African country’s name comes from the Latin word for liberty? Willis immediately knew: Liberia. Four points.

MOVIES: What brand of underwear did Marty McFly wear in Back to the Future Part One? I knew: Calvin Klein. Two points. Will & Joel got it wrong, though Michael claimed he suggested it.

RECREATION: What are the pointy metal things climbers wear on their shoes? I was pretty sure it was “crampons”, so we wagered four points. It was. I was also pretty sure Will would get this…but he had a brain freeze. Joel muttered “we lost.”

SCIENCE: What element on the periodic table comes last alphabetically? I really didn’t know. Zinc comes after Xenon. Willis thought it was zinc, but I didn’t know if there was something after zinc. There was…zirconium. Again we incorrectly wagered six points, but it didn’t matter.

1990’s: What were the three Beastie Boys “MC” names? We had no idea, so I drew a picture. They are AD Rock, MCA, and MD.

FINAL QUESTION: What are the five most populated countries? We said Mexico instead of Indonesia, but guessed, China, India, the US, and Brazil.

Willis answered 9 questions, Becky answered seven, and I knew twelve.

The Leathers missed one question in the first half, but aced the second half. Abra Kadabra aced the first half, but faltered in the second.

BTW: The Sound of Music won’t be until this coming fall.

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