Friday, January 13, 2012

Chuck Oliver: Be Real!

I love to listen to Chuck Oliver on the radio. He sounds like he’s just sitting on the sofa talking with the guys. But when he walked into the room for the “ceremony” he seemed to turn into “personality” mode, like he had to really make the scene. He could probably be a lot more real.

There was a Collins Hill football player there accepting his award as well. Chuck walked in and after a little chit chat, recited all the particulars of both boys from memory, adding interesting tidbits about each…how Collins Hill plays in the most competitive region in the state, and how East Cobb is the most competitive place to play baseball. Chuck remembered most of Will’s facts correctly. He must have some mind.

Rented Larry Crowne Wednesday night, starring Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts. Pretty good movie, but for most of the movie Roberts and her movie husband weren’t very likeable characters. Hanks was too nerdy at the beginning, and too cool at the end…too much of a transformation. Moneyball will be next.

The new cabinets, doors, and drawers look good. Ceil has to decide what color to paint them. We added a little desk area with extra cabinets above, making to easier to sit at the desktop computer. Before it was on a piece of furniture, with nowhere to put your legs. Thursday the new countertops and sink arrived. Ceil loves them, but the desktop was sized wrong. Friday the new disposal and faucet were installed. Lighting is next. Insurance denied the water damage claim, so I’m having to appeal.

I’ll have to add Unforgiven to my reading list. About a year ago Louis Zamperini spoke at North Point. Actually, after former Buckhead Church pastor Jeff Henderson told his story, he had Zamperini amble out to read the letter he wrote, forgiving his Japanese captors. Over 90, Louis wore a burgundy USC cap (he’s in the USC athletic hall of fame). After the service he walked out to the hallway, right past me, where he was mobbed by well-wishers.

Right now I’m listening to Zell Miller’s book: A National Party No More: The Conscience of a Conservative Democrat…written while he was serving in the Senate.

Seemed like before Christmas Andy also mentioned the equipment.

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