Thursday, January 19, 2012

Selling on eBay: Finally

My goal this year is to start selling off stuff that I buy at thrift stores. Last week I sold a Tim Tebow Florida jersey, and this week I sold a Eli Manning Giants jersey. I have a Peyton Manning 2009 Pro Bowl jersey up for sale right now. I need to sell ten items per month. I’ll try to sell whatever sport is in season. This way I can continue trolling thrift stores.

Tuesday night after baseball practice Will spoke at the Living Science parents meeting. Normally they don’t ask alumni to speak, but I suppose they needed a shot in the arm. I took Anna to Target. While we were out, we gassed up the van, and stopped by Kroger for PB&J.

Things got crazy at work around four Wednesday, but I eventually got everything straightened out. Booked a room at the Courtyard in Birmingham for Saturday night. Stopped by the library, Kroger, Sears, and the Dollar Store on the way home. I read, while everyone watched American Idol and Toddlers & Tiaras.

Looks like I’m taking Will to Birmingham this weekend. He has interviews and a reception at UAB. There’s some church he wants to go to…he heard the pastor speak last summer.

Have you seen the new Braves jersey? I heard it first from Lang. It’s similar to the 1966 jersey, the Braves first year in Atlanta. No tomahawk, with just black trim down the front and around the shoulders. Cream colored, though they’ll wear them with white pants L. Names similar to the current white jersey. Instead they should go without names, or wear the huge red names they sported earlier in the 60’s.

Unfortunately, the Braves will continue to wear the red jersey on Sunday. They’ll also wear navy on the road, randomly alternating with the grey jersey. Kevin was not aware, since I had yet to blog about it!

…I hate those nosebleed seats at Phillips.

…At the library I picked up “Playing for Pizza” by Grisham, and a book on Teddy Roosevelt.

…An older baseball fan/writer named Dan Schlossberg friended me on Facebook. Lives in New York.

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