Tuesday, January 03, 2012

New Years

We stayed in on NYE. The past few years we'd gone to bed before midnight, but this year we were watching a movie (Sweet Home Alabama) that ended at midnight. So then we flipped it over to Ryan Seacrest and Dick Clark on New Years Rockin Eve.

Research projects can be fun. I have a Herschel project I need to finish. I wrote up all bowl pre-NYE bowl picks, but last week I was too busy to type up the rest. I didn’t do too good on my picks.

Ceil still has her cough, and Anna is finally starting to emerge from her room. Saturday Will worked out with the JV baseball team. Sunday Will came home sick, but he still went downtown to the four day Passion Conference at the dome, with 44,000 other college students. He has lots of friends there. Ceil had a pass for Tuesday morning.

NP and PCC didn’t have services, so we slept in. I watched all of the GT and UGA bowls, and bits of several others. Ate lots of popcorn. Sunday I took Ceil to Kroger, and last night Matthew had basketball practice while the Rose Bowl was ending.

Not a good start to the New Year here at work. Darryl’s dad had a stroke, and only has a few days to live. Brad’s wife has been in the hospital for two days. Last night Thomas had to take his brother to the hospital.

I haven’t watched the Falcons much all year, but Sunday Tampa Bay couldn’t do anything right in the first half. Two punts, two interceptions, and a lost fumble. Another lost fumble was mercifully overturned. The Giants are playing well, and I don’t know if the Falcons can go up there and win.

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