Friday, January 13, 2012

Land of a Thousand Hills

The Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee House is on the right after you cross the river and climb the hill into Roswell, right next to the little Baptist Church. They have coffee and now offer sandwiches, but most people only drink coffee or cocoa. It’s mainly a younger crowd…Becky and I are two of the older ones. The “Alabama” team is also part of the old crowd. Starts at 7:30, and usually lasts 1-1/2 or two hours.

Their trivia night crowd appears to have grown over the last month or two, with 40-50 people cramming into the little house. Every week the question categories remain similar: one question each on coffee, history, sports, Georgia, the 1990’s, science, state or national capitols, food, etc.

All the anti-Alabama (Auburn) fans like Chad were rooting hard for LSU Monday night. Did you see Auburn coach Gene Chizik sporting the yellow tie and hanky? I don’t know that OK State or Stanford could’ve scored many points off of either Bama or LSU. LSU’s defense only gave up 21 because their offense was so ineffective, continually having to punt the ball back to Bama. After holding the Tide to so many field goal attempts, the finally gave up that fourth quarter touchdown.

Even the AJC has jumped on the GSU bandwagon…I’ve never seen so much coverage.

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