Monday, June 18, 2012

Destin Day Two

Will went for an early run this morning, then tried his hand at fishing. Ceil and I walked up to the main highway and back. I think my right ankle is wearing out from the wear and tear of all these years...I don't know how I'll run the Peachtree in two weeks. 

It took us long enough, but we all finally made it out to the beach. Matthew and I went for a swim. W and A played bocce, then W and M tossed the football in the water. Later C, A, and M went back to make lunch. W and I stayed. I read the first 50 pages of Grisham's The Partner before Ceil came back with sandwiches. Later W, M, and I went for another swim. C, W, and M went in, and Anna and I stayed out on the beach and read. I got throught the first 110 pages or so. 

Another almost cloudless day, with a nice breeze. I let my feet get sunburned pretty bad. My muscle tears from last Wednesday were feeling better, until a day out in the ocean left me sore all over again. Will also got too much sun on his legs.

Ceil cooked a pork tenderloin, scalloped potatoes, and tossed a salad. Watched some of the college world series, then we all went for a drive around Destin. Stopped at the shopping center next to the Bass Pro Shop and walked around. A nice, cool evening. Swung by Publix on the way home. 

Anna's best friend Emily is in Destin this week, with her grandmother, sister, and cousin. I'm sure they'll find a way to meet up. One of Ceil's best freinds is here this week. We may wing up going out to dinner with them at some point. And Mary Elizabeth Teem took her morning constitutional along the same route that Will, Ceil, and I took. 

Looks like LeBron is locked in on winning the championship. I'm pulling for OKC as well. My old high school friend Peggy lives in OKC, and went to some of the games.

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