Monday, June 25, 2012


According to Google Maps, a Destin vacation is about 100 miles / two hours closer than North Myrtle Beach. Ceil’s dad was wondering about the distances. When we go to North Myrtle Beach we always drive to Jefferson on Friday, then caravan to the beach on Saturday.

339 miles…6:18 hrs: E.Cobb to Destin

303 miles…5:26 hrs: E.Cobb to Jefferson
132 miles…2:40 hrs: Jefferson to NMB
435 miles…8:06 hrs: entire GA-NMB trip

391 miles…6:53 hrs: return trip NMB-GA

People boast that it’s a two hour trip from Jefferson to the beach. In twenty years I’ve never come close to that, even with the new by-passes and highways. All the congestion and additional traffic lights make Myrtle Beach traffic almost as bad as Atlanta’s.     

In addition to the Halls and Anna’s friend Emily, I discovered that a lady here at work was down at Santa Rosa State Park last week.

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