Saturday, June 09, 2012

Yahoo Email Hijacked

I made several changes on my Yahoo account, so hopefully people can’t hijack it any more. Looks like they were in Illinois. Let me know if you get any more weird emails from me.

Will’s teammate Perry is spending a few days with us. He plays for the East Cobb Yankees. He’s a pretty good fielding shortstop, but says he’s played RF, CF, 3B, and SS for East Cobb. Will wanted to watch the NCAA girl’s softball world series, with Oklahoma played Alabama.

Took Matthew to basketball. They played 3 on 3, and he got off a few good shots. Ceil took Anna and her friend Brittany to a Passion high school event in Kennesaw. Afterwards all five kids played cards.

Ceil and I both had a great time at the Buckhead Diner. Felt bad for everyone else, taking the place of honor next to the guests on honor. Nice toast by Claire. When I got there I realized I should’ve written a top ten list. I could’ve made it the “Top 70 Great Things About Edie.” People would’ve died, or gone to sleep.

I used to live on Greenwood Ave near Grady High. Greenwood dead-ended into Ponce de Leon Park. Of course, it was gone by the time I moved to Atlanta.

Wish I had gone to more baseball games, traveled, and played golf when I was single. My life was pretty fun…coaching mighty mites, helping out with the youth group, going on youth retreats and choir tours, doing singles stuff, playing softball.

As a kid we came up to lots of Braves and Falcons games. My dad had Falcon season tickets until I was in high school, playing football. We went up to Falcons training camp at Furman several times. Also several Macon Peaches games, until they went away. GT would play UGA in baseball down in Macon once a year.

To me Connie Mack looked like my grandfather.

This past weekend the Giants and Cubs wore OLD throwback uniforms. The Cubs’ were navy blue from head to toe: caps, jerseys, knickers, and stockings. SF manager Bruce Bochy had agreed to wear a suit…then research showed that the manager had worn a uniform that year.

A few weeks ago the Bham Barons played their annual game in old Rickwood Field against the Chattanooga Lookouts. The teams wore throwbacks, and the umpires wore suits and skinny bowties. An old baseball legend was honored: Dale Murphy. He threw out the first pitch wearing kaikis and a golf shirt. He looked out of place.

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